Hi I’m 11 years old and I want to get rid of the extra fat in my stomach and thighs please help.

Ambrish W.
Excersise and diet are key. Eat a lot of nutritious food and exercise at least 4 to 5 hrs a week to decrease weight. Maintain a routine and follow it for 3-4 months to see change. If nothing's changes even after following your routine, then it would be good to consult a doctor.
Carter U.
Hello, I’m 12 years old (nearly 13) and I also struggle with this problem too, so don’t feel like your alone. Although it’s hard to understand but u are skinnier than u think. I kept on hating on myself too because of my body, and how I couldn’t wear what I wanted to wear because people would think I’m “fat”. And how I would try and go on diets. But going on major diets isn’t the best way to cut out unwanted fats because u are still growing.

For so long I have been scanning the internet trying to find ways to lose weight and here are the best tricks I have found to help me lose weight. But you must keep in mind that u don’t need to lose weight to be pretty because being pretty doesn’t mean being perfect. Or being skinny. Being pretty is what u already are so don’t think u need to lose weight to reach the standard of “pretty”.

1)- fruit – as I got into secondary school I found myself eating less and less fruit, but I tried to aim to eat 1 portion of fruit a day if more great! ( I don’t really like fruit on its own so I love having it with breakfast eg. Banana on my yogurt and honey, or strawberries etc…)Also, bananas are a very great snack because they keep u fuelled for the day, which also help me stop snacking on rubbish foods.

2)- Daily activity- especially throughout lockdown, I was very lazy and found myself barely going outside. But every day I have tried to go outside at least once to do some exercise. When I talk about daily exercise you don’t have to go on a long run ( if u can feel free too!) I’m talking about just going for a dog walk, if u have one, or just a walk. But if u don’t like to walk that’s ok, if u have a trampoline u can bounce on the trampoline for 15 minutes to burn fat. Or even longer if ur able to (the longer u bounce the more belly fat u can burn). Even things like skipping can burn Belly fat. It’s all about finding things u enjoy.
3)- Healthy breakfast- I used to find myself eating sugary cereals so I tried to eat more healthy breakfasts here are some of my favourites: yogurt and honey ( some natural yogurt/flavoured yogurt) topped with some granola, cinnamon and fruit. (These are just some toppings I put on, u can use any toppings u fancy!!). I also like oatmeal with a bit of Nutella in and banana on top, but if ur feeling healthy u could have honey and oatmeal instead. Once in a while I like avocado on toast, I don’t have this often since we don’t always have lots of avocados in the fridge. And finally, a smoothie! (I use any kinds of fruit and vegetables we have).Of course I don’t expect u to eat an exotic breakfast every day of the week especially on school mornings if ur anything like me and don’t have time to make this! You can just have some granola or weatabix something easy and simple! Of course don’t feel like you can’t eat any sugary cereal your allowed to treat yourself!!

4)- Workouts- Try go find a set workout on this app or online to help burn fat, but remember to do a teen workout instead of adult ones because our bodies are not fully grown yet. I do my workout in the morning on Saturday or Sunday since I have school and don’t have time for a workout but in the holidays I try to do it as much as I can. Don’t think that you have to it every day it’s fine if u miss it. When u start off with ur workout dont to all of it at once. What I mean by that is if it says 25 squats. Start of with 10 or 15 and add on five every day.( don’t make the mistake I made I ended up with very saw muscles )even if u think u can do it stick to doing a small amount because I made that mistake and I wasn’t able to walk the next day!

5)- Fatty foods- try and eat as less sugary foods as u can like fizzy drinks or that extra chocolate bar. Your allowed to eat sugary foods don’t think u have to cut it out completely but just try to avoid them!

These are a few things which helped me, and I hope this helped u because this just took me 30 minutes!! But it is worth it if I can help you. Hope u have/had a great day, and u are beautiful the way u are. And don’t let people’s opinions affect u, after all, your the person who knows u best so don’t take other peoples opinions so personally! Bye x

Andrea N.
If you're 11 years old, you don't need to lose weight! You're still a child, your body is going through so many different changes and you are still growing. Practice some self confidence and learn to love yourself a bit more 💕 a positive outlook on your body and some self care goes a long way. If you're concerned about being overweight and you've spoken to your doctor about it, follow whatever guidance they've given you.
Ambrish W.
Just eat whatever you want, but chewing as slowly as you can. This could help you to eat and taste more clear and don't eat more food. Trust me;)
Marco A.
Hello, considering that you are growing up and your body needs proteins and vitamins, you should reduce carbohydrates in your diet and avoid eating fast food. Try not to skip your meals. Instead, you can eat less dinner. And never skip breakfast. Besides all this, never forget exercise. Try to do it every day to make it a habit for you. I hope my talk was useful for you. Good luck.
Ambrish W.
You are 11. Just chill out. Your body will fall into shape as long as you maintain a steady exercise routine. Try group sports if you like — basketball/football
Ambrish W.
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