Do you have advice about choosing what stretches to do before and/or after you exercise? I really like to stretch when I exercise so I don’t feel all tight, but I kind of want to stretch everything and it just takes too much time if I do that. How do you prioritize what stretches to do each time you exercise?

Corina E.
If you're not very athletic, like me, I'd start with something simple. I, personally do 20 squats, 20 sit-ups and maybe 10 push-ups. But don't push yourself. If you are athletic, try adding more like 15 jumping jacks or 30 second planks each day
Nicole E.
Great question. Stretching before and after exercise are a little bit different.
I think Dynamic stretching is especially good before exercise, and at least some static stretching, in order to maintain flexibility and Mobility are important.
For the warm-up the dynamic stretch I like best is to take a martial arts staff in both hands over your head and then do figure of eight, first far to one side and then Crossing low in front of your abdomen then up on the other side and stretching toward your back as much as possible. Repeat this, and also reverse directions.
I also suggest stretching your neck in circles, in which you have your head in different directions, and the circles are as wide as possible.
Stretching your quads by pulling your foot up towards your glutes is important, as is stretching abductors by doing a deep side squat. Touching toes with knees straight is an essential. After exercise, the stretching should be to maintain length & looseness in whatever muscles you used during exercise. You should try to be sure that those muscles and the associated tendons and the joints they cross must stay limber.
I hope this is of some help.
If you are older, the static stretching after exercise is absolutely mandatory, but it will pay amazing dividends in terms of your flexibility and thus your balance.