What exercise is fun and doesn’t feel like work?

Perry Simpson
Yoga does not feel like work to me. It relaxes my body so that I am not as tense to start the day. It can help you focus for the day ahead or melt away the stress from a long day before bed.

Isabelle Bailey
I really like to dance. Dancing is fun and incorporates a thing I love most: music. I also like to take walks and do yoga. They are very peaceful to me.

Mike Fowler
I found that taking a walk in the garden is a rewarding experience rather than trying to do some routine at home watching a screen. Being out in the sun (before it’s too warm) and soaking in the fresh morning air is a natural reward that makes you want to keep doing it day by day.

Jonas Olsen
Almost anything with music. If I can get the energy to push the play button I'm going to move. How fast and what depends on the day but the music makes me want to move.

Heidi Cruz
Dancing! Zumba. You can find videos online and just follow the steps, or you can play your favorite upbeat song and dance to it.

Caroline Christensen
I personally think the key to enjoying the exercise is to find a song that just drives you forward. With these songs jogging feels like dancing and even squats or lunges feel like part of a dance.

Lia Da silva
Definitely, swimming. Adjust your tempo, styles and possibly add extra gear (paddles, snorkel, fins or boards). You also feel fresh afterwards. Finally, it's usually available for free in the summer and moderately priced in the winter.

Christian Jørgensen
I joined a Hot Worx gym… it’s is a sauna workout- not just yoga and not just stretches but true isometric challenging work out in a sauna- also has rower and stationary cycle- personal sauna with on screen trainer little xpensive but fun and is open 24 hours for any 30 minutes or even 15 minute workout

I also enjoy just running a treadmill now- it still can be exhilarating once you get past the initial mundane start up minute

Marcel Stemmer
Dancing! Whether a class or on a Friday night, it's all good exercise.
Walking is a very underrated exercise too. You can do it anywhere, and if it takes you to new surroundings use it for inspiration and contemplation.

Tyrone Frazier
Walking. But question itself shows a tendency for avoiding work. You cannot have omelette without breaking eggs. In the same way you cannot be fit and strong without making a real effort. Choose what you want, comfort is not a bad option and nobody should be blamed for choosing it.

Armand Fournier
Group exercise classes. Realizing that no one else is looking at you helped me to get over the self conscious feelings I had about going to the gym. Group classes are fun, but I won't lie. They're hard.

Virgílio Porto
Walking is a fun and effective way of excersize. Over the past few weeks, it's brought a change to not only my body, but my lifestyle in general. Walking consistently is one of the best choices I have ever made.

Hector Blanchard
It really depends on what you find fun. Do you enjoy dancing? How about biking? I personally find stationary rowing enjoyable and also kind of calming when your in the middle of it. You may have to try various things before you find what works best for you.

Johan Thomsen
Well..i really enjoy the yoga exercises. They're quick and super easy but they makes me feel better. But i also do 40 squats everyday and for me it's fun and it doesn't feel like work (this in my opinion 🙂 )

Lison Lefebvre
Een half uurtje sporten en dan koffie met Mark , dat geeft voldoening , het gevoel dat je niet hoeft te werken, op zondag dat is een vrij gevoel. Het gevoel dat je werk lekker loopt en dat je veel klanten hebt geeft een gevoel van waardering.

Abigail White
Everyone has their own definition of fun. For me, if you get the hang of it, jumprope is super fun. Put on fun music and learn to do tricks.

Süleyman Dorner
Dancing to a favourite bop is exercise but feels like fun; however, that is my ‘celebration’, so my go to exercise is ‘halo circles’ with a kettle bell. You can really feel your arms and shoulders forming up!

Nicoline Thomsen
Yoga and walking are both fun and don't feel like work. They take place in my bedroom after I make my bed and have breakfast, or on my way to school.

Aerial silks at brown seems like play too, that's once a week near my house.

Of course, bjj is play too, it was near my dorm and where I found love for my community.

Martin Westermann
There is many exercises that don't feel like work. Any sports is a good idea when I do an hour of sports such as a team sport like badminton I don't really notice the time pass. I enjoy walking as well cause it's a good way to get some light exercise.

Emilie Andersen
Short work outside every day works best for me. Long work outside I just cant find time for. Having short work out to do make me feel good about myself

Regina Hughes
Any dance routine or a martial arts Kata or yoga sequences you will be focused on completing them and getting the portions right that you will forget you are doing exercise because you will be having fun.

Mattie Holt
There are many exercises that feel more like fun than work.

Roller blading or cycling on a sunny day is a great way to explore the city you live in.

Hiking is a great way to enjoy nature’s beauty while burning calories.

Swimming is a full body work out that always feels like fun.

If you’re looking for more cardio and a full body work out, boxing and/or kickboxing are both great ways to release stress and improve stamina. In one 45 minute to 1 hour session you can burn up to as many as 800 calories!

Mathilde Møller
I like to dance around in my room. I probably look crazy so I keep the door closed and literally move as much as possible!