Any fun youtubers I should be following for health and fitness? I love YWA!

Nick G.
Should check out jack Hartmann. It is based for kids working out and also learning their numbers and letters. So it is a win win if you have kids.
Plus jack kind of reminds me of my father when he is dancing. It will make you smile so you don’t realize that you are exercising at the same time
Bruce J.
Hello there :)) O yeah, there are one very good YouTube channel calls “Happy body”, it is a Russian you tubers, they are really good, they motivates you to do exercises and do them with you! Especially good one is Elena trainer, I watch only her videos on this channel:)) and of course Kayla Itsines !!! She is very good one too!She shares with a lot of different exercises, so you’ll find ones that you need and also she has an Instagram where she shares what kind of food she eats and so on ☺️