What is the best ab toning workout you have come by?

Eyma X.
Plank, sit-up, russian twist and leg lift. I like using body weight when exercising. I feel my abs burn especially after sit-up and leg lift. Sit-up works best for upper ab and leg lift for lower ab. These two are my favorite moves for abs
Isobel Z.
I think Planks are really good as well as Russian Twists and Wood Chop. But if you want great looking abs it's really about lowering your Bodyfat%
If the muscles are covered by a protective layer of body fat you'll not see a defined 6pack. This is also really hard to maintain. You'll need to keep a strict diet and train constantly.
Monica O.
One of those ab rollers from infomercials in the '90s. I believe it's called the ab slide. It says to do it for 3 minutes a day but I start at 1 minute and work my way up because otherwise I am sore for days after the first time. 😊
Alfred U.
To be honest I'm a runner. I have a yoga swing…yet to master it, it is good though for playing on and consequently toning abs.
Rachel L.
To really get abs to show is next to impossible without the right food regimen. You can google that info. The best ab workout is the one that you like best and will be committed to doing consistently.
Brian N.
The best one I’ve found is one my old dance teacher taught me.
Lay on your back with hands behind your head keeping it relaxed. Straighten one leg and cross the other leg over it. Keep both legs off the ground.
Then begin doing small sit ups raising your head and bending your straight leg towards you.
Do 8 then swap straight/crossed legs then do 8 more.
Continue doing 4-4, 2-2, 1-1 then stop.
It’s quite an intense one so don’t overdo!