Whats the most time effective morning exercise you do? I don’t meed to lose weight and I don’t have much time in the mornings, I want to get my blood pumping though..

Mimon N.
As soon as I start opening my eyes, i think about the exercises I need to do, and as soon I get out of bed I go and exercise. Otherwise my mind wonder, and I start to think that I don’t want to do it
Tomothy Y.
On YouTube you will find 8-10 minute exercise videos exactly with this purpose in mind. Those with a combination of cardio and (core) muscle training (that can be intensified or less intensified depending on ones capabilities, and if you have downstair neighbours or not), definitely got my heart rate up
Tamisonel N.
The most effective time for me to exercise in the morning is taking only 5 minutes to do rope jump in which will make my blood pumping through out my body.

Whenever I have more time then I will do more exercise like push ups, punching bag like boxers for only upper body exercise. You could invest in a treadmill to run in 5 minutes to 10 minutes inside your house but remembering to open your windows to get clean oxygen coming in your room!!!

Felix P.
Well the best time is after washing your face directly don’t be aggressive with yourself cuz you are going to hate that but if you chose the perfect exercises for you and you did it early in the morning it will keep you well energized
Bety F.
It depends on your health condition and interests. I've done T25 and HIIT but those are high impact. Now that I can not do those anymore so I do zumba or low impact. I'm using Fiton and I can browse excersices by category and duration.
Wendy F.
I am out of shape and need to lose weight but some mornings, it’s difficult to find the time. A good stretching session feels really good in the morning. However when I have time a workout is better.
Yalin F.
I prefer a 15min yoga session in the morning as I find it gentle. Plus the stretching focus of yoga is great to prepare the body for the day.
If you prefer a more cardio intensive workout, just do a 15 min HIIT session. You can try Downdog HIIT or YouTube channels like Joe Wicks the body coach.
Paula Z.
I like to stretch before working out then doing a warm up because that gets my body ready to be active. In my warm up I do jumping jacks and burpees because that gets my blood flowing. For my workout I like to do ab workouts like crunches V-ups and Ruskin twists. Then leg workouts like squats, lung switch’s and flutter kicks. Then I like to do arm workouts with weights.
Izzie F.
The most time effective morning exercise for me is to select an exercise for each major body area – arms, legs, and stomach. Then, do a comfortable number of each. And, repeat that 3 times. For example, 10 bicep curls, 15 squats and 25 sit ups. Then repeat 3 or 4 times. Finish with stretching and a few minutes of cardio depending on time. Cardio choices depend on what is practical. At home, I have an elliptical machine that was a job bonus. At a campground, I may do a short jog or walk. If the outdoors are not safe, I put on socks and slide side to side like an ice skater!
Alexander E.
For me it is running. I prepare the clothes the day before, so when I wake up I can get dressed and ready in less than 2 minutes.
Avery U.
Hey, I also don't have much time in the morning, so I feel you. Usually I just do some 10 minutes stretching exercises, it really makes your body feel comfortable, try it out 🙂 I have an office type job, so I stretch my neck and shoulders usually, you can choose any zone you want, based on your feelings. Hope I helped, have a great day!
Juvena Q.
I would say that any sort of high-intensity interval training will do the trick for you. Basically, it's short lasting exercises that have a lot of impact, which sounds like what you need. You can find all sorts of high intensity interval training routines online, and fabulous has some included as well. Usually these routines are referred to by their acronym HIIT. Look up a short 5, 7, or 10 minute exercise routine, and just give yourself an extra few minutes in the morning to complete it.
Sakshi Z.
I make sure I take at least 30 minutes and do my walk . In case I skip morning walk due to any reason I go fr evening walk however morning walks are more effective
Berenice Y.
There are so many options. Power yoga or pilates seems like something easy and not very stimulating but depending on the type you choose it really can wake you up . You could try 5 minute cardio sessions as well. I like using the app FitOn which is really amazing for morning exercise of all types. Try it!
Tania V.
Find HITT tutorial on youtube or intagram for 15-30m depending on your time availability. If you short for time and want to get your blood pumping that is a good idea.
If not get a rope, 10m skip will do that
Alvina S.
I found that getting up for a walk around my neighborhood is best. In a time of social distancing, it gets me out of the house, fresh air and sunshine, and can be as long or as short as I want it to be. It also helps clear my head to focus for the upcoming day.
Brayden Q.
Going on a run is one of the best things you can do for your body! It gets your blood pumping and gives you a much needed energy boost to get you through your day.
Ted N.
I personally do tai chi & yoga in the mornings but there’s so many activities out there that you can do in 5 minutes and in your room. These are so varied it’d be pointless me suggesting one that, I’d advice you to do a quick google search and start one that you vaguely like the look of. The trick is to figure what works for you by DOING the exercises rather than reading through a bunch then deciding (one of the many things I am guilty of). So don’t worry too much about what it is, you’ll find something you like sooner the sooner you start doing these mini exercises! Good luck x
Laurete E.
I usually stretch and do 5 mins abs workout. When I don’t have time I only stretch but it helps me to get my brain working and body moving. Stretching is so good first thing in the morning.
Try to do that ❤️
Ceren F.
I'm doing yoga. "Vinyasa" type. If i'm not in the mood for sweating then "restorative". You can stretch and relax with it. I just don't want to do push ups or crunches in the morning.
Marirose Y.
You can start with the 1-min or 4-min workouts from this app. There are also alot of 10-minute dance or cardio workouts that dont need equipment in YouTube such as POPSUGAR and Caleb Marshall Fitness. I always put on cardio or happy songs in another speaker to feel good during exercise!!
Lydia F.
I do a five minute stretch video from YouTube. It is enough to allow me to get a small sweat on as the moves are gentle but some are quicker than others. There are five different exercises and the tutor guides you. Have a look on YouTube for 5 minute morning workouts and find something that works for you. Try to get some more substantial exercise in at other times a few times a week, such as jogging. There are loads of programs for beginners, I use the couch to 5k app! Hope this helps.
Neil E.
The most important morning exercise is perhaps the most simple and easiest and that is stretching. It gives you focus and wakes you up making you feel good. Stretching, whilst making your body feel good is like meditation and a few minutes is also good for your mind.
M B.
I’ve been doing the 10 minute alexis ren abs challenge. if that’s too long for you maybe try her hourglass abs video. if you need to loose weight in the legs try squats, arms do push-ups (might sound hard but you have to push yourself).