What is your celebration when you complete a habit or a ritual?

Ramon W.
I like to mindfully acknowledge my good job, pat myself on the back and express gratitude about my healthy choices 🙂 Gotta admit I also have to brag to a friend from time to time, haha!
Nandani Q.
I feel very grateful for the day on which I complete a task or challenge and push myself more to do all tasks of the day very generously!!
I will recommend don't stop there only after completing a goal….just push yourself more to do more productive that day!!!
Thank you
Your wellwisher 💝
Braylee O.
Just a mini happy dance! Sometimes I’ll play one of my favorite songs and dance around… anything to get my positive emotions flowing! Doing something that makes me happy! Our emotions are connected to our subconscious mind which is largely connected to our habits… it’s so important to connect positive emotions to the positive habits we want to create! Our brains then associate the good feelings with the habit 🙂
Catarina Q.
I do different things each day (dance around, jump, whatever makes me excited).
But there is one thing that I always do. I say to myself "I am hydrated, I am nourished, I am strong."
Like a mantra or a motto. I say it in a happy cheerful way, like I'm on a good path and saying GOOD JOB!

Note: I try to make the activities themselves enjoyable, more than the celebration afterwards. If I like my breakfast time just because of my breakfast time, that's enough for me. Remember, the goal is to associate good feelings to these habits.

Sydney R.
I smile and do a little dance to myself. I usually don't celebrate anything it's mostly internal so an external celebration sort of tricks my body into feeling that internal sensation I usually get when I am proud of myself