How do you stop feeling bad if you miss a day of exercise?

Kaitlyn Y.
I feel angry with myself and get frustrated but it is very helpful to have support from the people who love me and see me struggle.
Thomas Y.
Felling bad sucks. Give yourself permission to feel bad about not exercising for one minute. Time the full 60 seconds and beat the snot out of yourself. Why would you talk like that to friend? Now start again as soon as you noticed you missed it. No beating yourself up anymore. Just take the small steps again. Missed your planned exercise? Do anything for 5 minutes. No time? Do just one minute. Still too much? One push up or one high step or bend over and touch your toes. You did something. Tomorrow will be better. If you are like me you’ll say that small effort doesn’t count, but it does count. Better effort comes with time. Do the tiny thing everyday and in a year you’ll be in a different place.
Paul X.
To keep my tartare down and keep my gum disease under control. Wash away all left over food particles so the bacteria on the teeth does not multiply and potentially impact on my health

I stretch then begin exercise not long after I get up. This is so I don’t give myself time to start thinking about excuses why I’m not going to do it. This has broken a long held thought pattern. I still exercise early but by now I’ve done it long enough to know it makes me feel good. The negative voices have been overruled and don’t get a look in now.
I am grateful for another day full of possibilities and learning. The chance to help myself and others and feel loved

Generally I work hard to ensure I keep exercise up daily to ensure both body and mind start to flow correctly. If I’m short of time, I cut down my full routine and just make sure I do something. Even putting on a song and dancing to it for 5 mins is better than nothing.

If I miss any habit and start having thoughts where I begin to berate or criticise myself. I am conscious of them for what they are and then think of something good like achievements or thoughts that make me happy. We do what we do and the past is the past and can’t be changed. However, I may add exercise onto my to do list for the next day or a note to set my alarm earlier so I have time to complete. Reflection is good, but it is only valuable if we decide in the now, ways that we can put support in for ourselves to achieve an objective/goal

Hameeda N.
I’ve only just started working out so if i was to workout more than twice a week my body could literally deplete. That’s also why it’s important to get rest, so that my body can repair
Dieter R.
By being kind to myself. Tomorrow is another day. Plus you can always just take a walk, stretch or move around the house.
Corey J.
as bad as the feeling of guilt might be, i have to remind myself that it’s just a minor setback and what matters is whether or not this setback causes me to give up. Just remember that if you don’t beat yourself up over missing one day of exercise and remind yourself that it’s not the end of the world, you can always try again, you know it depends on you how long after failing you try again so all i can say is it’s okay to miss one or even two days as long as you remember your goal and don’t give up.