Do you think that building a rest day into the schedule is a good idea? I have found for coordination tasks like juggling, I do much better after I skip a few days following a period of intense practice.

Felix Z.
I've always heard that a rest day is needed in a hard routine. However, from my experience from physical fitness it wasent really a rest day just an easy day. Like a walk or light run, which ever you prefer. I think this was called 'active resting'? I personally found this was easier to build a routine on. There was no 'if, and, or buts' to stop my chain.

However it is also conflicted that after 22 days a routine is set into muscle memorie and now it's a lot harder to break that chain. So on the tail end of this confliction, resting is good but to much can be a bad thing. Also what ever works best for you.

Nora Z.
Yes, I think is a good idea to have a rest day. It is better in the rest day to go out with you friends or to read a book

Dwayne P.
Frankly, that is an interesting question. It may depend more on the person. I have found that I need to stick with something daily or it might be easy for me to just skip it. The only time I take “rest days” is when I’m on travel… the routine is disrupted. The other thing I suggest is to see what cognitive behavioral therapy or some other evidence-based body of literature suggest about developing routines and it “rest days” are ok.

I have learned only after two rounds of cancer treatments, that I must listen to my body about fatigue, I don’t push through on things as I used to. I have a new normal. So if you have some sort of medical condition you may have need for rest days.

Willie O.
I agree. Especially after a period of intense practice, I tend to get frustrated more easily when I can't do the thing I practised as well as I want to. Yet, I do think it is important not to give up, but to build in this day of rest into your schedule in advance. Nonetheless, it is important to take a day of rest or two if you feel like you're burning up. I hope this helps!

Judith Z.
Yes, I Think it is a good idea, atleast if you like schedules, and it is good to take a break/rest every now and again, to let your muscles recover their strength…

Enola E.
Yes 🙂 I find that a principle that works well in about every area that I can think of. Work hard and then rest very well.

Tilde W.
I think there should be a basic part of a habit that is done every single day and then more advanced parts on top of that. So let's say going for a walk every morning is the habit, a 5min walk can be the basis but then as time goes by intensity and time for exercise will increase to maybe a run or walking for 45min. Instead of a rest day, which I feel may be risky for falling out of a habit, you can do the basic aspect of it and just get up and out for 5min.

Storm W.
I used to do rest days. I'd get tired of having to get up every morning, and I want a day off. Feels like that day off would expand especially when my schedule wasn't conducive to working out. So one day would turn into two, and soon I'd be taking a week off because I had been working out pretty well a little time off wouldn't hurt. So then two weeks is fine as well. Right now I want that same routine, that same expectation that every day I'm getting up and doing the things I need to do for my life. The time is going to come and go whether I am building myself up or letting myself down. Maybe there is some pro tip about taking a rest day for improvement in some metric. But consistency is my result

Gustav Z.
Yes! I think not only does it give your body and mind time to recover but it also takes the pressure off of feeling like you have to do something. If on your “rest” day you still feel like moving and practicing then go for it but because you crave it not because it’s a box to be checked!

Kim J.
i run cross country and i always have a rest day. after a long week of training, a rest day allows your body to recuperate and heal so you can get through the next week.

Ninon O.
Do what you think is best! Everybodies body system is different, so if you think you should have a rest day then go ahead : )

Sara Q.
I find that in my busy schedule, trying to balance all my daily activities, a day will eventually come when I am over-tired and overwhelmed. On that day I will need to rest, no matter what. So building a rest afternoon / day inti my schedule would be very good as it will prevent me getting over-tired I feel.

Elisabet J.
Everyone speaks for themselves, I personally, an ADHD brain, can’t stay consistent on anything so a rest day will throw me off track, but for someone else it might be refreshing.

Evel Cio C.
The main ones like breakfast, drinking water and exercise must be every day. But others like learning something maybe not so intense

Herrmann O.
In many ways it is not so important as to what I think, but what’s the “real” reason behind your question(to which you’ve already given a nice answer in my opinion 😉).
I myself love a restday, or moments of conscious rest in the hustle and bustle of everyday life! Don’t stop altogether whenever you’re tired, just learn how to rest in between moments that need your full attention and energy! 😃 good luck to you, my fellow travelcompanion! Onto the life we’ve always dreamed of 😉🙏🏼

Becky U.
I think take a rest day in the schedule is a good thing just in Exercises to give your body chance to rest but in bulding habits i think taking rest day is not a good thing

Amber E.
Skipping a routine or having a rest day is like moving away from a good habbit for period of time. A habbit must become a ritual hence it is always better to never have a rest day exepct it is just a day or two in a month max.

Darrell G.
Yes, I really think that resting is important to keep me motivated. I also like rest days. I have to just be sure that it will only last a day.

N Dia Q.
Yes, but on your rest day take some time to do a less intense exercise like light stretching so you don't skip non-rest days, too.

Estanislau Q.
Yes. I think that rest days are good, especially if you are doing intense workouts to let your muscles relax and rebuild.

Jonas Z.
I try and workout 3 days a week and do yoga five. On the days I am working out I try and do more strenuous yoga. The days in between I do restful yoga

Tara J.
For some people I do feel a rest day is essential to have but for myself personally when I have a rest day it makes it harder to get back to doing it the next day.

Eug Nia N.
Maybe not a rest day from all tasks, but perhaps have a day each week where you do some simple but necessary tasks rather than every task on your list.

Nicole O.
A rest day I believe is vital to physical health and development. Thae rest period after a few days of vigorous exercise or activity gives our bodies a chance to recover and build.