Do you have any tips for getting past the mental resistance to getting the exercise going when my mind is pushing hard for the lazier option?

Filippa F.
Change your mindset and motivation to get things done wont be a problem.
What happens if your mind pushes hard for the tough option instead of the lazy option? That way of thinking is where you want to get you.
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Pamela U.
The secret is to find something that's exciting and challenging for you! The excitement of doing something you like will win the laziness anytime and you will just do it automatically. Also find an exercise that's work on the thing you are most passionate to improve – for me is the abs. Last thing is to make sure you do a earm out at the beginning and streching at the end. When the muscles sore come – don't be upset! Wear them as medals! They are the proof that not onl you worked hard- it's working! Enjoy it and you will NEVER stop challenging yourself and pushing yourself. If you're here you wanna make it work and I believe in you.
Teresa T.
I do something easy. Something I know isn't hard and isn't long. Maybe a walk to the grocery store for a sugar free drink, or (one I really like) 1 minute moving after my breakfast.
Kasper B.
Always need to someone encouraged and praised. It's enough for me what your application does. It motivates me and then approves my actions
Oliver P.
Make it easy for yourself. I do bed yoga in the morning, just 5 minutes. You can build your own routine in the ‘Yoga studio’ app. This is because I know I don’t want to do anything sweaty and I don’t want to have to do stuff on my bedroom floor. Tiny steps
Rafael C.
The key is just getting music going and then getting myself onto a floor or surface where I can move. Barriers that sometimes pop up are feeling like the floor is dirty, or I need a mat to lay down on. By starting off with a core warm up, it’s usually enough to get me going towards handstands cause it fires me up.
Leo T.
I just say to myself that I only need to exercise for say, 8 minutes. Most people can do 8 minutes a day. That's an attainable expectation. It's a way to not be so hard on yourself about taking an important step against your own resistance. Your mental resistance might come from you feeling like you have to go harder, faster, longer, stronger than what you did yesterday. It doesn't have to be like that if you don't want or need it to be that way. Just simply saying to yourself 'I can do a little today and that is enough' can reinforce the motivation to move while allowing you to accept that doing a little is all you need to get your day going. Sort of like self-empathy. Doesn't have to be about laziness. Its about doing what you can for the day to make it easier to get through, but knowing that you still have to put some effort into actualization of your goals.
Daniel N.
Tapping into your reason or why you wanted to start working out in the first place helps. Finding your internal “why” will give you that extra motivation you need just to start. Once you start momentum will most likely carry you to the finish line.
Kristen E.
Try telling yourself every bad thing that will happen to you if you don't exercise, like diabetes, too much fat, and you'll die at a younger age. Whatever you do, do not procastinate. Think that if you do it tomorrow I'll probably be dead already. This may not work for you, but it works for me.
Alvin U.
Doing your exercise in the now and not later or tomorrow and some day is the best. You will thank yourself. Stop the excuses!
J Rg Peter T.
What really worked for me is to start really small. Don’t for a difficult exercise before you’ve made it a habit for several days.
Lucille T.
I’m just doing it at night instead of the morning. You have to build it in where your natural routine is the easiest.

I also tried on a swimsuit which was my motivation this week! Yikes

Daisy X.
Most of the time I struggle with this. It is a daily occurrence, and when it's not there, I really embrace that feeling of nonresistance and commit it to memory for inspiration. I think, I know I can do this, because I've done it before, and sometimes it's even easy! Today was tough, but I also thought about the child and the sage, and this forces me to choose one over the other.
Floyd U.
I'm a super competitive person so I turn exersize into a game sort of. I wrote on popsicle sticks a ton of small workouts and challenged myself to do at least one a day (they're like 5 push ups, 30 second plank, etc. ) then when I do the one thing if I'm still wanting to be lazy oh well i did my 1. But my competitive side usually says you can do another of you did 1 yesterday so do 2 today. Bet. You wont. It works for me
Romane Z.
I usually imagine the kind of body I want to have. I found myself leaving exercise for the final step since always work came first. But I realized that working out in the morning, just before my day starts and gets complicated makes it much more easy. I wake up, take a glass of water and without thinking I take my mat out. Then I have breakfast
Luka Z.
Do what the app says, sleep in your workout clothes and you have no choice in the morning not to do it. Shame, shame, shame (got, no, ok i’ll stop )
Axel Z.
I usually put motivation speach or music during the exercise. You can put it as your alarm. Also, you can put a picture represent your dream as motvator.
Jairo G.
At the beginning, your mind will work against you. Your mind will try to persuade you to watch TV or sleep a few more hours. But, building a habit will not ignore your mind, it will change it. Start to build a habit of exercising. Doesn’t matter how long. It could even be just one minute. Doing this everyday will break down the walls of resistance, changing the mind.
Mark X.
What I usually do is I lie to myself saying, ok just do this and then I'll be done, and then continue until I've done everything. It usually works.
Alfred Y.
It’s important to be goal oriented. Find your goals and understand WHY it is important to you to work out. Ask yourself what you do instead of a workout… is it pushing you forward to your goals?

Harry Y.
Lazier exercise is better than no exercise. If the choice between the couch and the gym is making you want to stay on the couch, decide instead to just go on a walk. Better than the alternative.
Armando E.
I think of how amazing I feel that I did something extremely effective in making me a better person. How it doesn’t take that much time and if I don’t follow through on my promise to take care of myself then I am responsible for making myself worse off.
Alexis Y.
What I do is say to myself this: no one else will do it for me. This is for me. I want to be better. No one else will do it for me.

It tends to work in motivating me a little bit and helps out a ton to take the first step.

Adrian Z.
If your mind is pushing hard to be lazy, then make some of your beginning exercise lazy, like laying on the floor and move one leg up and down a couple of times. That way you will build up the "okay I can do one pushup as well and then some launches etc. And whenever your mind throughout the exercise is pushing hard again for being lazy, then reboot, find a nice slow exercise again, start to do that and build the confidence to carry on with another harder exercise from there ☺️ hope that helps you, good luck out there!! ♥️
Roselinde Z.
Just do one rep you may end up doing five once you've started. To help me start I chose a small target to achieve and hope it will increase as I move forward.
Osnilda T.
Try meditation. There are different types of meditations. Best is to do a boot camp. For anything you need a solid foundation. I have done Vipassana 4 times. It is free.
I you don’t have time, you can do by following you tube or internet guidance.
Goenka’s guidance of Vipassana is the best. Then you will have all the awareness to generate anything you want. Remember you are not your mind. Till you train your mind , mind will run your life instead of you running your life.
Octaviano A.
Choose an easier exercise. ..something you're more likely to start. Maybe even a more fun exercise. Then once you've started you can add more reps and feel good about getting started in the first place then feel good about going above your original goal. The point really is to just get it started every day.
Miriam W.
Take baby steps to the longer goal. It’s easy to fall off as soon as you forced yourself to wake up at a certain time in the morning. For example, the first day you might try wake up early but don’t get out of bed. That’s ok. The next day you might actually get up, but not exercise. Once you feel comfortable waking up in the mornings, you’ll get into the routine and your body will get closer to that routine. Soon it just becomes a part of your instinct to get up and exercise. If you’re going after work, take baby steps then too. However it suits you. It’s about getting your brain and body used to the idea.
Vickie P.
I’m definitely still getting over it myself. But lately my goal is getting my mental health in order. I’ve been using this app and other apps to help my mind. I’ve been journaling my thoughts every day. And somehow it everything in perspective. It’s helped me to realize my problem areas. I use the Jour app.
Armandino P.
I don't particularly like the exercise portion of my routine (yet), but I am finally in a place where I'm committed to doing things that are good for me. The little exercise in the morning is good for me, so even if I don't want to, or have a lot of time, I'm begrudgingly doing it, because I'm committed to following this app's advice. Even if it's just running through some yoga/basic stretching for like, a literal minute. I'm hoping I'll eventually grow to really like it, as I have the water and breakfast. I feel good for having forced myself to do it, rather than the exercise making me feel good. Life in proving something to myself. Fake it til you make it
Ross F.
Push your mind. Just resist the temptation. It is worth the resistance. Just say to your mind "I don't care what you tell me i am gonna do this. And you can and you will.
Elfie E.
Find something you enjoy or is super easy. Start small. Light yoga, stretches, chair exercises. Or find something new that gets you excited like a team sport or dancing, roller skating or skiing. Find a friend who will encourage you but not judge you if you stumble.
Jeffery J.
Just do one! Commit to one push up; one jumping jack; dancing to one song. One is so simple that it is nothing. So I talk myself out of it being a big, overwhelming thing by just telling myself to do one, and be done with it. Oh, and celebrate that one like it was 100!
Zoey T.
I go for the lazier option on most days and congratulate myself for doing that. When I feel like doing more I do that and praise myself again. If exercise feels unpleasant you have skipped the ”celebrating” part of Fabulous. Go back to that and learn it again.
Christy C.
That lazy thought, is your brain reacting to the habit of not exercising, stop! Breathe, and realize it’s only a thought and let it pass and get back on track.

For me it’s very difficult to do things based on “will power”, so I focus on why exercising is good for me.

Rafael Y.
Look inside your heart to find the vision of yourself and how you would like to look in an idealist future. Hold that image in your mind for 5-10 seconds. Then do what it takes to get there.
Hans Ludwig F.
You can still have fun being lazy and still do what your body and mind requires, FIRST. There is an older you in the future depending on what you do , right now. Do you want to end up an old slime that no one wants? If so, doing nothing will get u there.
Darryl T.
I save shows I really like to watch for those days. I put it on my phone and watch while doing cardio. It gets me to the gym!
Tara Y.
When I don’t want to get up, I convince myself to go check the mail. It’s a short walk, but it gets me moving. Then, since I’m up, I might as well play with my cats, get them fed and all. Another thing I do is just make a loop around my apartment complex, then another, and maybe a third. By the time I’m done, I’ve gotten a good amount of exercise and movement into my day. I hope that helps!
Noelle J.
Just set for yourself some minimal doze of excersise. Even 2 push up is better than no excersise. From there you can start again to built momentum and longer excersises.
Valentine E.
Make your exercise as unmissable as an important meeting by signing up for a lunchtime class, or follow a training schedule.