How do you bounce back from a bad day?

Jurema N.
Get into dialogue with someone who will “ just listen.” Read or listen to something inspiring. Make a promise and tell someone what you’re promising, and just do something. And remember “nothings wrong”!
Terry E.
I do 3 things that May not seem so fabulous 🙂, 1. I binge eat snacks and watch a movie. This is how I start my journey to feeling better 2. I start the process of self talk. It is also during this time that I start researching information to empower me through that process 3. Finally, I know I won’t start feeling better over-night. I simply say the empowering things to myself and remind myself “ I only had a bad day not a bad life”🙂. Hope this helps
Zulma Q.
I'm actually working on being mindful as the day unfolds. If it's going badly I ask myself why? What is making it bad and what can I do about it? For me it usually means that I don't like how I'm reacting to events so I try to step back and stop the chain reaction. I also ask myself what I can do to flip what is happening. Do I need to step back and take a brief walk? Do some deep breathing? What factors are in my control and what aren't? The act of just trying to notice in and of itself gives me space to try to make the rest of the day go better. And if it's really terrible, there's always tomorrow to aim for better. Hope this helps!
Maria Y.
Don’t stress or fret about a bad day. We all have them. Just remember that tomorrow is another day and commit to doing your habits the next day
Amanda P.
Treat myself with a bath and meditate. Or even stretch – just any activity where I can remind myself to take care of myself.
Savannah E.
When I wake up, it is a new day. I purposefully say, I had a bad day yesterday, because of it I felt worse than I do on my good days. Today is a new day, so it will be a good day.
Maxwell P.
Bad days often happen, especially in my line of work. They just have differing levels of negativity associated to them. I find the best way to bounce back is to go for a walk with my dog. He's a young Labrador and his boundless energy and enthusiasm for chasing a ball, always manages to lift my spirits. The walk also helps me clear my head, allowing me to reflect on the day, what I could have done better and things I can change (constant improvement).
Josefine G.
After a bad day i try to think positive and search for clues about positive aspects of that bad experience. I don't feel comfortable until i don't find positivity or my fault about any bad situation.
J Rg Peter R.
Forget the wrong day. Sometimes we commit bad actions : eating too much, saying bad words, hurting people physically or mentally. But we can restart. Remember our original motivations, hopes, and missions. Then start a small action which makes us confident in achieving our goals.
Shane U.
Be kind to yourself! Take small steps the next day to get back on track, and don’t expect more out of yourself to “make up for it” because it will backfire.
Daisy X.
Review the day in the head and see if there was something I could have done different to either prepare, react, or learn from it. Then move one and start a new day
Madaleno T.
I say unattached am I,
Unattached am I
Unattached am I again and again.
I am of the nature of truth, consciousness and bliss. Indestructible.
Then I meditate Vipassana , that was taught by Buddha.( feeling the sensations all over the body for half to one hour)
Malthe P.
I take some Me time, and I take some time to breathe and remember that everything will be okay. I consciously focus on trying to change my thinking to present positive, to try and change things for the better. I try to focus on the good things, no matter how small, and to stop focusing on the bad. The Me time helps a lot though, doing things that you like. Making tea, wearing comfy clothes, playing a game or reading a book for a while.
Lorraine F.
I guess it depends on what made it a bad day! If it's something minor and I know that it's at most going to annoy me then I try to listen to music I enjoy or if I'm too mad to enjoy music then I try other things I like (cooking, looking out the window) but usually a good bop is enough to bring me around. If it's something big and as much as I objectively know it shouldn't bother me but my body refuses to let me off and I'm seeing actual signs of distress (discomfort, wanting to cry, headaches) then I know I ought to take my next opportunity to go through those emotions by listening to music (hand-picked by me to fit the mood) and writing down what's bothering me while I hide away from the world. BUT BEFORE THAT, I make sure that I prepare something to set me up for the next day (my overnight oatmeal for breakfast) because when I get those things in the morning, I feel reassured that someone (me!) loves me enough to want me to have a good day. ❤
Samuel E.
I think for me the hardest thing has been to learn to accept that I was going to have bad days in the first place. I have a history of having a bad day and then being like “oh, I ate unhealthy yesterday so today doesn’t matter” or “I’m not going to get my target miles in this week so might as well start fresh next week” (even if it was only Thursday). I have been working really hard to use my morning routine to make sure each day is a fresh start, and focus on what I still need to accomplish. Sometimes I find that coming off a bad day I am more motivated, because I think about how far along I am to my overall goal. Lost ground yesterday? Bummer; but, it happens, and now I’ve got another chance to do it right.
Mathilde Z.
Kun mieli on maassa, syön jotain hyvää (ja terveellistä), nukun pienet päikkärit ja lähden koirien kanssa ulos metsään rauhoittumaan. Kiireestä tulee kireä tunnelma, joten ajan ottaminen itselleen poistaa sitä pahaa mieltä.
Thibault E.
When at home first I try to relax and pray (you can call this meditation). After Fabulous my praying become more focus. I use the body presence meditation tecnique to obtain khusyu. After that I will play with my kids and/or cat.
Dustin Z.
I just try to remind myself that tomorrow will likely be better than today, and to to give myself extra praise for accomplishing whatever I do.
Austin J.
Listen to someone else do the talking, by listening to e Audio books and waiting (if appropriate) for somebody to validate my feelings, gutsing it out healing my body doing yoga (sometimes).
Frederikke X.
I (try to) meditate or I listen to music. Music helps me focus on something other than what my anxiety is holding on to. My mediation is more of a relaxation exercise. I lay down and relax my body as a whole and then slowly relax other parts that I unconsciously hold tension in like my shoulders, arms, head, fingers, hips etc. I focus on each section individually as I fall deeper and deeper into relaxation. Be careful, this has once put me to sleep.
Amy P.
I try not to over react. Or over-think or analyse why.

I just call it ‘a day’. And I leave it there.

I try and eat good food, get a walk or a bike ride in. Mess around with my kids and hang out with my wife.

It’s not until the day after the bad day that I try and work out why or process what it was that happened and why I thought it was bad.

Often there’s things that I discover that I could’ve handled better and try and log that.

And if it’s something else beyond my control then I’ll address it and stick it in a box in my head marked ‘sorted’.

Aubree T.
Honestly, I am still trying to figure that one out as well… For now, I have been trying to focus on the chain ("do not break the chain"). I am conjuring my competitive forces 😀 to keep the vibe going.
Alex U.
Honestly, just talking to and hugging someone you love. Whether it’s a blood relative or chosen family, a hug is the best for recovery.
Maria W.
Stoned reflection. Getting high and just thinking about situations that happened and learning from them rather then letting feelings fester
Dorina N.
I remind myself that is just a one bad day , and in the other hand I have a whole life to live with passion and desire and I know that bad days aren’t that much as the happiest days I will make
As this simple .
Good luck in your journey 💕
Leslie O.
Just keep pushing. Bad days are experiences. If it's good for you and you are benefiting from it. You just keep doing it and enjoying the journey.
Ilonka T.
How I bounce back from a bad day is that I write down how I am feeling. It’s a great way to get my feelings down on paper and really think through my emotions. I do this because sometimes my emotions are too powerful for me to feel and writing them down helps me calm down, relax, and breathe. Afterwards I may still be riled up but I tell myself that I did a good thing by writing down how I felt and that soon I will be back to homeostasis
Zelita N.
I remind myself that one day is not a death sentence to my goals. I have an affirmation that I read to myself each morning and evening to tell myself that one failure does not mean that all the work I’ve put in before is meaningless. Just because I trip doesn’t mean I will stop walking. It is a slow process learning to forgive myself for a “bad day” but that’s all it really is in the grand scheme of things- just ONE bad day.
Leroy U.
I’ve been having many bad days due to chronic illness. I’ve learned to accept and acknowledge the bad day, let feelings pass and to start wherever you stand the next day. Start from the beginning of your routine and push your way through to the end.
Barb E.
The next day, I simply forgive myself, and continue where I left off!
Nobody’s perfect, everybody makes mistakes, give yourself permission to have a bad day, just like the rest of us humans! 🤗