Should I exercise before or after eating breakfast?

Maia P.
It depends on the type of exercise. For a run, I find it best to eat afterwards, especially if I run right after waking up. For a walk, I eat beforehand.
Marco P.
Before for aerobic exercise. After for intense weight training. I find it difficult to train on a full stomach so prefer the former. Ultimately it’s about which of the two you’re happier with and therefore you’re more likely to do.
Marista F.
I would say it depends on each person. I like to put a lil something in my belly. Even if its just some coffee. But I know others who would rather wait til after exercise, because it kind of makes them sick. So, I would say try it both ways for a couple of days each! See what works for you!
Rebecca P.
Before eating breakfast as you're less likely to get a tummy ache and you burn more calories after a workout, so you'll burn the calories you eat better.
Kriemhild X.
I exercise after breakfast. I usually wait around 1 hour or 1 and a half hour before starting my exercise routine.
I don’t like to wait more than that, if not I risk to feel hungry while doing the workout.
Felix N.
I think it really depends on your personal preference. Consistency is key. If working out in the afternoon or evening is more realistic for you then that’s the time to do it. Pick a time that will work with your schedule and lifestyle. You’ll be more likely to meet fitness goals if you set aside a time daily that will be uninterrupted.
Angelica Z.
Depending if is low or high impact, if its low you can exercise before breakfast, but if it is high is better to eat something, so your body has energy to perform better