Why should I continue using Fabulous if I have made my habits permanent?

Selma N.
You could consider establishing more habits and there are some programs in the app that you may find useful, though that is just as well covered by the Reverie app.

Otherwise, I see no reason to keep using The Fabulous.

R My E.
There is always some new things that you can make them into a habit. Even if you have already made de-cluttering your habit. You can add clean eating for the next one. Fabulous offers a new thing regularly. Let's check them up what kind of new lifestyle that you can make as a habit
George W.
It's easy for life to change and suddenly those habits become forgotten again. Also, it's a great way to continue to make new habits in new areas and become even stronger and more vibrant.
Sofia E.
You should help yourself to stay on the right track. Plus there are so many other tools you can you. You can use the deep work function. Or start even another journey. You should keep in mind that there is always a way to better yourself, even if you are simply reminding yourself of actions you previously learned.
Joshua A.
I guess for you, you can just browse to see what's out there. Any new journeys/habits catch your interest? Try it out, if it works it works if it doesn't it doesn't.
Jauquesla E.
If your strong enough and dont need to reinforce what you have learned….then maybe you have finished the program. But if your having doubts id wait until im confident. Remember the process..nit so easy..so be strong. And once your confident.u can always look for futre programs..
Marshall O.
Think of all the hard work you did to establish thesthese habits. Even you have them now, it is so easy to lose them. Weeks of working towards creating positive, healthy routine can be undone in one day of forgetting or purposefully saying, "I'll do it tomorrow." Fabulous can help to keep you on track and keep your habits in place by motivating you to carry out your habits, even when you don't feel like it/feel discouraged.
Emma C.
Well you need the reminder. Something to keep you accountable. If you have to fill out a little to-do list for your morning routine everyday then it is harder to avoid it. Not to mention you can use it to add any new habits