What kind of small activities do you do for celebrating success?

Gabriel O.
Do you work out with YouTube videos? If yes, which ones do you prefer? Do you regularly catch yourself comparing yourself to the fitness influencer that is on your screen? What do you do to prevent/ fight against these self-harming habits? Thanks in advance! Bye 👋
Riley A.
I am a homebody so after a workout I’ll take a shower and do some self care routines I have. I also like to make breakfast and coffee and eat and drink while watching a little tv in the morning because I love to relax and unwind for a little bit. Sometimes I’ll eat some chocolate too because who doesn’t like chocolate!
Claudia P.
I do small things like playing my favorite music and dancing or just taking time from day to watch my favorite series. Having a rewarding system really helps when getting things done.
Emy Q.
I personally am not a big fan of the celebrating success portion of the routine, however one thing I would do to celebrate is put on a song I like and start dancing 🕺. However, I know not everyone I'd a fan of dancing so I'd say just do something meaningful for you that makes you think "Wow I'm in a good mood now".
Shreya F.
If I am successful at doing something, I see to it that I tell my family and friends about it. It so happens that they encourage and motivate me more as well give some suggestions of their own which are good for me in the long run.