What type of exercise are you doing in the morning?

Carole U.
It depends. One "exercise" would be singing. I love it and i feel great after that. What i do in a regular base is walking. Since i have to walk 8 mins to the subway and about 10 mins to my workplace, I count that as exercising too.
Ma Va S.
I do beginner yoga of the daily yoga app. I’ve really gotten into it, so much so that I’ve had to hold back from doing it this morning so I could get to the gym before work. I sometime go running on the morning. This gives me a really good start to the day. At the gym I do heavy lifting following 5/3/1 protocol. I stayed on StrongLifts 5×5 and moved on to this when heavy squatting 3xweek started being too much. I do other exercise at different times on the day but I’ve formed the early morning habit now and I love it.
Aiden E.
Running. It burns the most calories and is the easiest thing to do because it doesn’t require a gym membership. It gets tricky when it’s too hot, too cold, or raining, but for now, it’s working out.
Alison E.
Incline walking in intervals —2min on 13-15 incline and 2.5 mph 1 min on 16-18 for at least 20 min but typically 30-35
Jessica T.
I do yoga using the easy yoga app. I’m not very good at it but I enjoy it and I’m improving. I also go running a couple of times a week, I go as soon as I get up, on these days I don’t do yoga. I also lift heavy 3-4 times a week, but this is usually later in the day.
Everett Z.
I like to go for a walk in the mornings. Even though it’s light to moderate exercise, I still feel like I earned a victory and took care of my body and soul.
Heather S.
I am doing recumbent bike various programs for 10 minutes per day . It’s not much but for a non exerciser but the habit is very important.
Jenny S.
I have a thing for band right now, so I run about a mile every day. On most days, I just dance around the kitchen and listen to music while I'm waiting for my breakfast to cook
Mason F.
I set my alarm for 5AM so that I can have some alone time. I’ll reflect, make coffee, and while that brews I’ll spend at least 10 minutes doing some yoga. It will be nice since we biked 5 miles today as a family.
Ana Lle Z.
I take three-mike walks while listening to my favorite podcasts, songs, or take the opportunity to discover new music. I used to love running, and I’m eventually going to get back in the groove of going on long runs throughout the week.
Emily U.
Some combination of stretching, pushups, pull ups, body squats, mountain climbers and something ab related. Usually I'll do 2-4 of those at a moderate tempo. By the end of it my heart is beating hard but I'm usually not sweating. I also plan on biking to work soon to help get my blood going in the morning!
Jordan C.
I'm doing yoga, and sometimes 7minutes workout. It is important to start small at first. Because if you want to start BIG, then when you lose one day, it would be more dissapointing, than if you start small. And step by step will go to big. Because it is almost impossible to lose on small steps 😉
Luka P.
I bike 15 minutes to work, or I do about 20 minutes of yoga using yoga with Adriene on YouTube (it’s free and amazing). Sometimes I do both!
Lohan E.
I mostly do CrossFit in the morning. I like going to group classes because it keeps me honest—I am committed to showing up and the group dynamic helps my motivation on days I’m dragging. On other days, I have a 7-minute workout app that I use just to get my blood flowing. It’s not a full workout that makes me feel exhausted, but it gets me moving and it’s enough to check off the daily routine.
Emeline G.
I like to use light free weights to quickly work on upper body. The 7-minute workout is great. Also, can’t go wrong with burpees and mountain climbers.
Anton F.
Yoga/stretching, or an early walk or light jog. Sometimes a quick strength training session if I feel up for it and want to start the day with a bang.
Mafalda Q.
I use a recumbent bike mixing up just cycling and using a Hiit video I found on You tube. You ride hard for 10secknds at a time resting for 10 seconds in between.
Alexandra S.
Three days a week, I go for a run. The others, I chase my kids around or go for a family bike ride. I'd like to implement more rigorous exercise on those other days, but baby steps!
Ruby J.
I typically do a 20-30 minutes fast-paced walk and the I add on a 5-10 minutes session of yoga, tai-chi, stretching, strength or abs. Movement, fresh air, cardio and stretching of all limbs.
Pat J.
I run and/or do yoga, depending on how my body feels that day. Daily Yoga has been a great yoga app if you're interested in yoga. But I do the exercises that make me feel better for the rest of the day.
Theodor X.
I'm in Army ROTC, so I usually start my morning with a 2 mile run, then some varied pushups, some core exercises, and then eating breakfast. I didn't always do that though, and I think it's important to know everyone starts somewhere, including me! When I started out running last year, I just kept my end goal in mind, and even if I stopped to walk, I kept pushing until I finished my two miles. I now run a 16 minute two mile, and I'm still working to improve.
Cilene S.
I normally prefer to keep the intense exercise in the afternoon/evening, but to keep up with my routine and really relax in the morning I do a 10-15 simple yoga routine. Just easy stretches, nothing to get me too sweaty, and it helps get me feeling ready and energized for the day. I can only recommend it!!
Judy C.
In the morning, I try to be quiet while the rest of my family sleeps. To get my morning exercise in, I walk my dogs, do yoga, and aerobics/dorky dancing (that's a thing, I made it a thing, ok, I'm just a dork) 😅
Lana E.
I walk at 6 km/ hr for 1.5 km. It takes 15 minutes and 75 calories. Runkeeper is a great App that helps in monitoring and tracking the walking performance. It can be used for running too.
Ricky N.
I just go on a 15 minute walk around the block. I want to start small so that I can build up to eventually go to the gym !
Erotildes C.
Since I started this program I picked yoga as my morning exercise. I started with a very easy rise and shine sequence which takes 7-8 minutes at most even when I take my time with each pose. Now I’ve gotten stronger and I do enjoy my yoga every morning, so I decided to learn a more challenging sequence and spend a little more time on it in the morning.