How do you make up time to work out in the morning if you are already running late

Becca Z.
Any workout is a workout if your running late, run in place or do an exercise while you wait for breakfast, or do little hops as you brush your teeth, it doesn’t need to be huge you just need to get your heart racing
Meszes E.
First off, there's always time to do 5 pushups, second, you can walk fast, or even run to where you're going and then you're set.
Anna O.
To be honest, I don't. I'd just continue on and focus on getting on time. But then after the day, I would make up solutions on how to wake up earlier to have time for what I need to do, such as working out
Genesis S.
If I don’t have time to work out in the morning before school, I make time when I’m finished with all of my classes to go to the gym.