Do you prefer to work out alone or in group session and what are the benefits for you?

Brooklynn U.
Group makes me want to do better to show off because of peer pressure I guess but alone helps me to work on what I want not what will make me look cool

Jerry S.
I prefer to workout with friends. One of my close friends is a studying to be a physical therapist or trainer which helps me cause I don't know what I'm doing in the gym or what excercises to do to target different muscle groups. The short answer is working out with friends keeps me motivated and insures that I am doing the excercises right.

Chloe E.
It depends on the exercise and people. I run alone but that’s because not many of my friends run. I occasionally go to the gym with people too, but it gets difficult when you have the same mindset as someone, that it’s okay to take a skip day and then it turns into a skip week and so on. If you work out with friends, make sure they hold you accountable rather than skip with you. I do enjoy workout classes, like CrossFit or cycling because I know everyone is there for a similar goal and I have found them to be very supporting. So for me, it depends. I’d rather work out with a group of people that I don’t know and then form friendships with them instead of working out with already established friends. I feel like I’m held more accountable that way!

Gabriella T.
I like doing it alone. So I can truly focus on what Im doing and not get diatractrd by other People feels thoughts, sounds or whatever. I feel like I can get more out of a workout if I do it alone when noone isbwatching me. I can be Free that way. 💛

Emily Y.
I prefer working out alone , cos i like doing the exercisers that my body needs plus, I am shy person so , i don't like people look at me while Iam working out.

Ryan U.
I a middle distance runner. I would say I prefer training or working out in group because most of the times, you have people stronger or faster than you, so trying to keep up with them will always make you work harder and it's so fun to be around people with the same goals as you!
But I also enjoy doing some workouts alone, getting to know my body, my limits by my own, and forcing myself to go beyond what I think I can reach, by myself, is very rewarding.

Ma Line Y.
I prefer to work out in groups, with a trainer! Ideally not with anyone I know so I can feel comfortable trying my best and not being judged. tried working out with my boyfriend and just felt uncomfortable! And when alone… I have no motivation.

Alea O.
I prefer group workouts if it’s cardio based (spin, circuits etc) because it helps keep me motivated to keep working hard, but if i’m doing resistance (weight training) i prefer to be my myself or only with one other person so i can focus on the proper technique for the movement without feeling rushed.

Sara C.
Alone as it gives me a chance to meditate. But sport activities with other people is something that I like for the social aspects – it helps to motivate yourself when other people around you are doing stuff.

Fab Ola E.
Working out in groups really motivates me to keep going, but working out alone I am able to get almost the same amount of work in. So while working out in a group is preferred it is not horrible if I don’t.

Sofie B.
I definitely prefer to work in group, because with a common goal it's easier to find the motivation to work and feel part of a broader team. I miss working with my colleagues during this time, but we are finding new way to encourage each other

Madison G.
In a group session. I feel there is a lot more accountability especially if you know some of the people you are working out with.

Janus F.
I like working out by myself usually unless it is in the context of being with a sports team/in a class setting. I like to workout by myself so I can set my own pace and don’t waste time in the gym. Lifting while part of a sports team or as part of a class usually motivates me to work out much harder however and can help teach me new things.