Is there a habit that you have had a hard time keeping up? I think most people might say exercise. But, I have not been consistent with meditation no matter how many times I have started over. Truth be told, I fall asleep. Any suggestions on changing up how I do this? P.S. Time of day makes no difference. 😴

Natashia F.
I use to struggle with the same thing until a friend sent me an Abraham Hicks video. The video was a game-changer for me, because it offered a new perspective. I realize that I didn't have to sit in one place to achieve my goals that I was looking for in my meditation. What I found that resonated with me is dancing and Qigong before bed. Dancing and Qi allows me to enter into a meditative zone faster. Both practices helps me to release any tension or thoughts.

Here's what hat I do before bed.
1. Set my intention on my outcome – how I want my day to go
2. Write it in my journal – w/ Affirmations
3. I celebrate-dance it out
4 . Drink water – creates a deeper dream connection
5 . Sleeping Time

P.S falling asleep is a form of meditation. Why because your mind is shut off from any resistant thoughts, feelings and or emotions that you have been attached to in your day. Hope this helps someone.

Mahshid U.
You mentioned a good point, but it is difficult for everyone to do some habits, and it is not strange at all that I have not been able to do it so much about my own meditation, but I think I can replace meditation with another way to relax and that I suggest to you. Change the type of meditation you do so that you may be more successful.
Paula G.
I think meditation can be done many ways and there’s no right or wrong way. If you’re having trouble with falling asleep, try a walking meditation. You can still practice clearing your mind and focusing on a single thought while taking a casual walk. If you find yourself getting distracted, just gently bring your thoughts back to focus. There are even guided walking meditations. Just do whatever works for you! There’s no set outcome, the only thing that matters is you try! Good luck!
Kyle C.
Well dear l feel like you when you are tired don’t meditate alone use any app that will help you you meditate and relax your brain
Lee Y.
It would be to exercise because sometimes when I wake up, I have to immediately do things and have no time. I use to only try in morning or afternoon but then I started at night and that is easier. Not many people need me to do things at night so I have more time to myself and the temperature feels cooler and nice.
Galileu C.
I make 10 minutes of meditation a reward after exercise. My body is tired so my mind rests easier. Also I don’t worry if I fall asleep, if I am very tired I will put on a meditation video and just follow the words.
Silvia R.
Try to meditate outside on a porch, balcony or terrace. With or without background music or sounds. Sometimes all you need is nature around you.
Eloise R.
I find it very hard to exercise. I am not unfit or overweight.
To be honest I think it comes down to a few things.
A. I am a quite muscular female naturally so as vain as it sounds I am scared to build muscle and look bulky. This is a point of low self esteem for me as my mum would put herself down for looking muscular … And well I've inherited her body so it's bad self image by proxy.
B. I don't like running or cardiovascular. I am looking for other activities I do like and make it more about fun rather then exercise.

I don't know if anyone can help?

Alexandre Y.
I have to say exercise too… Anyways about meditation, idk what position you're doing it but i recommend doing it while sitting. I don't think you could fall asleep while sitting:)
G Lsen Y.
You can try to do it with another person. I personally think meditation is not only with the eyes closed and sitting down, if you are calm and conscious about the present moment you are meditating.
Gail P.
There’s not just one way to meditate! Try active meditation like yoga or drawing – anything where you’re moving your body and clearing your mind. The habit I struggle with is anything before bed, since I push it off if I’m going to bed later than normal in order to prioritize my sleep.
Liva F.
I'm not good at english. So I can't write a vety long answer, but I forget allways write In my journal! But some times I remember and then I write but usually I forget!
Tanja Q.
I think when it comes to meditation we often fall into pitfalls based on standards of how it's supposed to be done. Maybe if you are tired don't close your eyes during meditation. Instead focus on what's around you, whether that's a tree or the floor of your apartment! Try to keep your back straight. Or maybe don't do any of these things! I sometimes start my meditation with dancing to get out of my head and connect with my body. Forget what you are supposed to do and just find your best way to connect with the present moment
Awrad W.
Ok i will going to tell you my way. at first i start working out for like 1 min and a half doing some really easy exercises then i add 3 mins so I’ve gone from 1 min and half to 4 min and half then i start to add 3 min more and i keep my workout like this for like 22 days it was easy 7 mins everyday workout then after a time period i add something new just so I don’t feel bored i start walking for like 15 mins and now after i build this habit i start to do workouts for fun and I accepted that workouts is hard thing to keep up with but it wouldn’t be that hard if i make it fun in my own way! Explore the type of workouts and find the one that suits you maybe like yoga work out or cardio there is so many things you can do you just need to find the one you like❤️!
Fidan N.
Hi there,even i have problem about meditating.İ guess we can solve problem to help each other(or a lot of people who have problem about meditating).We can motivate each other.After that we would do this)))
Cailee J.
I have a hard time remembering to do yoga and meditation. I think what might help is doing meditation in the morning maybe outside. Then going about the day. Once you get ready for bed do some yoga to help relax your body. Doing this might also make you feel better throughout your day and sleep better at night.
Bryan Z.
Meditating while walking in nature, or to stimulating/soothing music, or to an inspiring audio recording of anything that inspires you (ex. poetry?) Could all be ways to meditate while also keeping you awake.
Zihan M.
You can try to first start small and then gradually get into the habit of doing meditation. Try to find joy in meditation.
Guy U.
Mine is drinking water for the meditatibg u would reccoment to think in ur mind like ur in a beautifull forest and talking to animals that really helps me
Jonathan G.
You might like the free Tapping Solutions app. The meditations combine meditation with tapping on different parts of your face/body. I find the tapping component really helps me to stay present and prevents me from drifting off to sleep during my meditation time!
Sarah F.
Saving money. Well it took me a while before I got the hang of meditation the apps that make me fall asleep I don’t use I have tried a lot of apps for meditation till I have 3 that I like the most
Norma Z.
I have a hard time keeping up with diet but I try to not be hard on myself. In regards to how you can become more comsistent is by starting small for example start by meditating once per week and then gradually increase to two times and so forth also try to do it when you are better able to by scheduling. P.S. Don't be hard on yourself new habits are hard to maintain while old habits are hard to break.
Anna L.
Exercise is definitely a difficult one for me because I don't have time in the day to complete it every day. As for meditating, it isn't always for everyone but I would recommend different styles of meditation that don't require you to completely clear your mind or listen just to soothing music. There are some styles of meditating that allow you to clear your mind of the bad things but keep you focused on something more positive to keep your mind active while also in a relaxed calming state. This way there is less of a chance you will fall asleep if the meditation requires you to focus/think.
Diana O.
Maybe try to listen to a guided meditation that is geared towards feeling awake. Also try to be in an upright position and don’t meditate in bed or laying on the couch. Good luck you’ve got this!! 🙂
Adarsh P.
Okay…I recommend you to meditate with open eyes…Meditation is all about concentration so you can meditate with open eyes by concentrating on your breath…
Dorota A.
If falling asleep is a problem maybe you could combine meditation with yoga or just some small moves (for example raising your hands as you breath in) Or maybe try getting more sleep during the night so you won't be sleepy enough to falls asleep during meditation.
Juliette T.
There are several different ways of meditation and some don’t require closing your eyes, maybe attempt those instead. I find counting backwards from a large number such as 500 or simply imagining myself flying through the sky a good method.
Timeo S.
Try to find a reason as to why you meditate, and try to make it exciting for you. If you succeed at romanticizing this behaviour for yourself, it will get easier over time. Also, try to get yourself to understand that it is easier to do every day than a few days a week.
Layla F.
I have trouble being consistent long term with yoga. Usually I do it for a couple days or even weeks and then lose motivation, and once I stop I lose any progress, which discourages me further
Ana C.
I've practiced meditating since the start of this year and I sometimes almost lost consciousness while doing it. But my only trick to not fall asleep other than focusing on my breath is REALLY focused on sounds. I kinda have a not-so-noisy environment so I can shift my focus to the sounds around me and anchor my mind to it so I don't fall asleep. Some may find it distracting especially if its too loud and annoying. But appreciate it and make it your anchor to your consciousness while breathing and making your mind go blank.
Stella Z.
Whenever you starting to mediate just understand what are you uttering and why and every single time to achieve that goal not understand why you are doing but actually by knowing why it's made and what it's purpose.
Victor N.
Whatever you said means that you think it is easy to sleep rather than meditating so just meditate while you just go to sleep or just l
Jim G.
Hello, I've actually had this happen to me too, and what I would consider doing, if I were you, is focus on the things around you as you meditate. Be present but relaxed! Maybe notice the smells around you or whatever you are sitting. Anything that is relaxing that will keep you alert. Happy meditating!
K E.
I have a hard time focusing on reading cause my mind wanders and I guess a way you can fix falling asleep is if you lean against a wall
Arianna M.
You have to start with short meditation like 5 minutes and maybe don’t close your eyes and change the volume of the meditation necai se you have to try a guided meditation for the begginnning
Mechthilde P.
I used to be unable to keep up with having water every day, and sometimes I would rarely drink any sometimes. But recently I have been more consistent as water is good for your health and your skin, and since then I’ve been drinking every day. I would recommend starting slow, and if you can’t keep up with it all the time, maybe try something else such as yoga, or even some mini meditation sessions, which can be as simple as putting on some calm music and closing your eyes, and just relaxing and opening your mind, and can take less than 10 minutes. I hope this helps! Good luck!
Donna U.
There is an app called NEO, it's a lady taking you on a journey and then five minutes to sit mediating on what she's just said, it's awesome . Try it, post how it goes if you can.