How do you stay consistent?

Steven S.
Consistent is key, not perfect. Over time, regulating. Find healthy motivations. Like writing any success even the slightest in your gratitude, talk about your intentions, put your goals out there, write it down. For example, I was able to fast for 20 hours recently, I planned the fruit and meal I would eat from hour 15 on. I talked about my goal to my family. I used creamer in my coffee – not perfect. But pretty grateful to have achieved the fasting goal which was 16 hours. I wrote it down and also hi fived it in my gratitude list – I am already planning out the week ahead scheduling another fast in a few days.
Toni C.
Honestly I feel you so much on this! Do your best to complete your steps when you are reminded. If you forget or get a late start don’t let it discourage you, focus on progress not perfection! Hope this helps love!
Marc U.
It's hard, and I struggle myself. Keeping a goal clear in mind helps a lot, but finding a motivating goal is what I struggle with. Be sure to start small.