What motivates you to exercise?

Philip Andersen
Solitamente vado a camminare nella città in cui vivo, o nella campagna/boschi circostanti.Mi fa sentire bene con me stessa, oltre che fisicamente anche moralmente, camminare per le vie, mi permette di non pensare per un po' ai problemi

Juliette Carpentier
Nothing motivates me but that’s why I’ve got this app to start making changes to my life style. I love stretching and strength training when I get the motivation. Once I’ve started to lose weight I’ll be more inspired to start looking forward to it because I’ll feel better about myself

Mathias Johansen
I enjoy walking out in nature. I like to hear the sounds of the birds around me. It makes you feel good being outside in the fresh air.

Marian Lucas
My motivation is that I want to change. I want to achieve the good things and become a better person. I want to be a better me.

Morgan Morel
I exercise to be able to live longer. I want to be with my loved ones for longer and have the good health to enjoy my time here.

Miguel May
I want to be stronger so my body can better tolerate my physically demanding job. I also want to look good for vacation.

Debra Tucker
I’ve been ill since 2013: food allergies, intolerance and vitamin / nutritional deficiencies. In 2016 I had my gallbladder removed, I fell and tore my left knee up and had to give up on my beloved martial arts tai chi & yoga. Through all my continuing illness (even on my bad days (pain / illness / dizziness) I can barely walk so I breathe and stretch. What motivates me is my fighter spirit. I’ll keep fighting until the end. I’m hoping someone figures out what’s wrong with my body soon so I have to keep moving as much as I can to be strong enough to work through it all.

Brandon Taylor
I feel better when i exercise. I’m a happier person and a nicer person to those around me. I feel better about myself, my body, and my future when i exercise.

Ariovanda Cardoso
Being able to fully engage with my children physically emotionally and being up to any task that might entail motivates me to exercise.

Alice Chevalier
To relax at night and during the day to maintain focus, maintain calm amen able to control emotions to work. Overall to duplicate my energy level .

Luke Weaver
Each day an opportunity to recreate myself. 🙂 a way to swap 20 min of walking for something I know maybe I’ll be having later on the week. Or that I had over the weekend.

Or the fact that high cholesterol and the love of butter is part of who I am. So when I walk it makes me feel better about myself. Then I really strive to do even better for those around me:) hope this was somewhat helpful. Keep strong. Small steps

Camille Noel
What motivates me to exercise is my health & energy levels. I am comfortable & confident with who I am & what I look like. There is always room for improvement. I Invision what I want to look like. Knowing certain exercises will shape what I Invision to look like. I try to exercise every day, but your body does need to rest. So to sum it up my vision of what I think I should look like motivates me daily. Thank you! Love this app.

Cassandra Simon
Since I started with my humble 8 minutes walk every morning 6 months ago with this fabulous app, my exercise routine has grown to 45 minutes to an hour every morning. I run three times a week and the other times I do body weight resistance at home with a great app I have found called Freeletics. I can honestly say that it is my happiest time of my day, I absolutely love running outside in nature and also love feeling and seeing my body get stronger and more effective. When it’s over I can’t wait to start the next day agAin. I love how I feel afterwards too. That is my motivation. I would be and have been miserable without it!

Marie-louise Ganser
When i exercise i feel great with my self and dont get me wrong but once in a while i like to feel the sweat in my body. I also see the results on my body too. My muscles are stronger and my stamina is getting better

Sue Miles
The need to develop self-discipline. I also easily get tired from doing very little and exercising helps give me energy and get rid of negative thoughts. My endurance could use a boost and I could do with a bit of muscle-strengthening!

Mille Larsen
Day by day I’m getting consistent and my health is going good and I love the morning excercise routine bcz I love nature and specially the rising sun it’s guve me motivation and encourage that I also shine like sun and most importantly Healthy mind live in health Body.

Wesley Burke
The extra boost to kick start the morning.
The movement of the body that actually gets the heart beating at a rate that allows the mind to move in a state of awareness and alertness.

This start allows you to enter into a mind ability to understand and connect for wisdom… insight, oversight and foresight.

Morning exercise also allows motion to start the morning and gives the momentum necessary for production in the day

Cirlei Da rosa
I must admit that I sometimes want to skip this part of my Morning routine. But Fabulous reminds me to do it and it is kind of fun to move my body and activate it after hours of sleep and inactivity. It wakes me up and makes me come to life. When possible I also take a Walk in the nearby forest to Enjoy nature.

Cassandre Mercier
Enjoyment! I have tried so many different classes, solo gym circuits, workout buddies, intensities but after years of yo-yo exercising Ive finally listened to my mental state as I exercise. I had to be honest with myself. Just because something works my body or I “should” be doing things a certian way, doesnt mean it works for me mentally. Then I tried kickboxing and I fell in love with it, to my surprise. Its challenged my body and my mind and I enjoy it. Some days its challenging and pushes me to my limits but I always enjoy it. Joy brings its own motivation.

Susan Green
The motivation to exercise is to become fitter make friends and loose weight I’d love to be able to run for a bus or touch my toes and make new friends along the way. In a group it can be easier to stay focused and motivated. Doing it alone can be boring or become a chore and I lose interest or focus. My dance classes are a great way to do this I’ve lost a bit of weight made new friends and it’s fun and interesting.

Storm Pedersen
I love to exercise. This is an area that I don’t need a lot of motivation for. The key is to do something you like. For many years I ran, but now do HIIT and love that. I also love to power walk and either talk on the phone or listen to a good book. What ever I do, it’s something I enjoy.

Lucas Reyes
I feel better. It helps me manage stress. It is good
to help manage health risks and helps me keep weight off. I feel stronger and happier knowing I’m taking care of myself.

Hans-erich Gröger
Gåture med futte, yoga og cykelture er nok det der motivere mig mest til at være aktiv. Jeg træner som sådan ikke da jeg ikke finder det interessant og jeg dropper det altid. Jeg havde overvejet at begynde at løbe men tror ikke det kommer til at ske