How do you achieve your goals and mark them complete in the fabulous app, but not get sucked into using your phone for distractions while you do it?

Hunter E.
I use it more as a reminder. So the things I've set to do, when I have a moment I'll tick them off and it will remind me if there is more to do.
Radovan E.
I noticed i have to find a system for checking what i should achieve very soon. Next, i usually mark them complete during the day, break or when it comes to my mind. I don’t do that on regular basis or immadiately after i complete the task.
Maria Z.
I do get distracted. But it helps to know the next goal and judt move straight on to it. So actually not finishing the last goal of the day before after marking it.
Isabelle Z.
I usually look at the time and try not to take more than about five minutes on my phone. I also have my phone on do not disturb, and turned off notifications for things i know that would distract me. i also keep in mind that i would feel better having extra time to get my things done, instead of having to rush.