What type of exercise do you like to do?

Ros Ngela E.
I love power yoga! I use the app Asana Rebel and I absolutely love it. I think it is really important to figure out what kind of exercise you enjoy, so you can archive the most! I love the combination of purposeful breathing, meditating and demanding workouts. And power yoga is just that! ✨
Gordon J.
I like to jump on a Precor stride machine for 30 minutes 5 days a week and do a push pull workout every other day 4 sets of 10.
Eva E.
Whatever works for the day. Running outside if it’s nice. Maybe a 7 minute workout or stretching inside if it’s not. A variety of things keeps it interesting and helps me build momentum.
Ma Lyne N.
Running. It’s so easy to start running and it makes it much easier to push yourself while knowing your limits. Plus, it can help encourage you to get outside and get some fresh air.
Sales F.
Love running on a treadmill bc of the high it gives me. Gives me a real rush of adrenaline that I take with me all day
Logan I.
I have been doing yoga which helps relax me. Helps me breath and stretch before taking on the day already right with stress. I also like Pilates and do it at home stuff.
Jeanne Y.
i always try to begin and end my workout with cardio—usually treadmill and/or elliptical. i also try and do arms, abs, squats, hip abduction, and stairstepper in an average workout.
Marcus F.
Cardio: walk/jog combo. Clears my head and makes me happy and relaxed (especially if it’s outside).

Weights: floor exercises with bands. Love it because it is easy and no prep needed.

Linda P.
I like CrossFit, Pilates, hiking, yoga, weightlifting, Zumba and sometimes running. They are all fun and rewarding in their own way. The hard part is choosing one!
Rick P.
Push ups x20, stomach crunches x20 each side, triceps dips x20, squats x20 plank one minute. Preceded by a couple of minutes of basic Japanese yoga stretches
Arthur Y.
I love to run. It pushes me to work hard and I always feel great afterwards. Sometimes I lack the motivation to go for a run but as soon as I am done, I know I did something great for myself!
Zoey T.
I’ve been doing a lot of yoga lately. I’m liking. Easy to modify, strength and conditioning and stress relief. Love spinning, but that is so harsh, need to work my way back to it.
Herbert F.
I like to do HIIT exercise because it’s both strength building and cardio, it’s highly structured, and it’s modular. It also feels like an efficient use of my time, and I don’t get bored like I do on exercise machines, walks, or runs outside.
Jessica Z.
I enjoy yoga on days I don't feel like working up a sweat and on all other days I primarily do focus spots, such as my abs or glutes.
Marius E.
Swimming is my favorite, but I also enjoy a good jogging/walking around my complex, if I'm feeling extra motivated, I might hit my apartment gym or something.
Adalberto Q.
Me and my friend link to do dance workouts or activities or even wii spot if you don’t lik traditional workout routines
Anett P.
It really depends! If I have a solid hour I’ll go to the gym and lift heavy weights. If I only have 30 min or so I’ll work out at home with lighter weights, usually following along with a workout from an app or something I found online. If I don’t want to focus on form and just want to get my mind off of things, I’ll go for a run.
Korinna U.
My favorite kind of exercise is weight training. Lifting weights helps me build the body I want which is toned and strong. It also helps me feel exhausted which I find necessary to know I did good during my workout
Sammy U.
I like to run because it gives me an opportunity to explore, think, and listen to new music. But in order to be good and running and not get injured, I find that flexibility and strength exercise are also important. I also have some arthritis in my back and knees so like to cross-train with swimming on my off days.
Arquibaldo I.
I love to do abs/core mainly because I have knee problems and many of the other types dont really help with that. I also like simple cardio like jumping Jack's, jump rope, push-ups etc.
Tyrone T.
With my current challenge, I’ve been doing yoga every morning and I’ve really enjoyed that. I also like running, but finding the time for a good run right now has been difficult.
L On W.
I've really been enjoying running. I also like slow methodical movements to stretch and feel my body move. CrossFit is great for
Raik Y.
I like to dance funnily wildly, while listening to some of my favourite music. It feels less like a ‘must do’ and more like fun.
Pierre F.
I like to do yoga in the morning after I’ve drunk a pint of water. I take my time listening to my favourite music and as I become more awake I start to do more strength exercises.