What other fun exercises do you recommend to do

Wendy N.
I do squats every time I brush my teeth, I get up and walk around my building (elementary school) every hour (both flights) I dance at night and do bed stretches and arm bands!
Leah Q.
hiking, HIIT workouts, deep stretch yoga, dance workouts, kickboxing… there’s so many fun, amazing workouts on youtube – just search for whatever you enjoy most or experiment with different types 🙂
Fabian S.
I recommend trying some fun ones like downward down and cat cow, There are some great ones on Pinterest and I like to use those the most!! 🙂
Terrence F.
I don't have a long answer for you but what I am about to share with you is i found joy in RCs. Remote control vehicles. I have planes, drones and cars and they have thoroughly increased my overall health. They say it's a good and positive thing to be balanced and to have a hobby and that is mine.