Fabulous urges you not to let weather put you off running outside (for example, the author goes running in the rain). Do we assume that the author lives in a temperate climate and that those who don’t exercise indoors in the winter, or have any of you been running outdoors right through the winter even in snow and ice?

Liva A.
I hope to begin running in the winter. It may take a few times to figure out how much clothing to wear, but I hope to not let that stop me.

Jordan N.
I’m not going to run in conditions that present risk for an injury. I agree that the author must live somewhere like me, where winter means maybe a couple weeks of snow, but mostly just cold and wet conditions. I assume the push to go outside comes from knowing that there are benefits of breathing fresh air—and there are also downsides of trying to breath in freezing temps! I’ve always taken suggestions and recommendations with a grain of salt: I’m going to do what is best for me to get out and run and continue to be able to run. If that means I hit up the treadmill during certain seasons, then so what? Do what’s best for you to be the best you.

Eberhard Y.
Yes I live in Germany in the Winter I run also in snow. It is fun you just have to put on good clothes. Heavy rain I dont run than I excercise indoor

Felipe U.
As we begin our workout it’s not easy at the beginning making it a habit helps. Putting a little effort every day will make it a routine

Nina U.
yes,I agree with you. Whenever I can't go out to exercise, especially during winter, I usually try to do arms, abs, etc. workouts that don't include running/going outside. Also, running in the rain is risky and dangerous, and running outside during winter is very uncomfortable.