What is your get out of bed and exercise thought and mind set every morning? Do yo exercise from mondey to sunday?

Evelyn Y.
I look in the mirror and as i see the results i get even more motivated i currently work out Monday to Friday but i am trying to still stay active on the weekends
Ivan S.
When I wake up every morning and realize that I have committed to exercising, I really want to procrastinate and put it off. Then I realize that it is only going to make me better in the long run and I just have to power through that mental block. I have a selected workout for every day of the week, so I just get up and do it and go on with my day. (BTW there is 2 typos in your question hahaha)
Susanne J.
I am personally not a morning person so it can be a struggle to find the motivation, but it is easier timewise for me to work out in the morning. I try to do somethng and usually once I get going I actually like it. I however try to work out every day but changing up what I do. So for example, I might do a strength training one day, cardio on another day, and yoga on another. Some may be shorter or longer than others depending on how much time and motivation I have. On some days it just might be a long walkv
Kenna N.
I exercise on the weekdays. When I wake up, I lay in bed for about 30 minutes to truly start waking up. Once I’m up, I get on workout clothes and workout/stretch. It helps me feel better in the day so that’s my motivation
Albenise Z.
Yes if I don’t do it every day I’ll find a reason not to do it at all. I get up and use the bathroom, then have my water while I check my notifications for 5 minutes. Then I get up and put on my workout clothes, go straight to my exercise and then have breakfast afterwards.
Alexander W.
What i do is i do a small exercise every morning just to get my blood pumping. It takes only 5-10min. My thought is: if i get it done now i don't have to do it later.
Nimesh T.
I would like to wake up every morning and do excersies this excersises has helped me alot to be under control and i feel fresh and fit by doing it. I can notice my body being in shape and make me proud of myself that im doing it consistently and will do it always.
Sylke A.
To be more productive and creative
To do and learn something new, something effective.
And yes i do exercise and prayer Everyday
Little N.
Before i get out of bed I do stretches or think of something that I am grateful for with a smile in my face :). I also have chores and have to take care of my surroundings and my pets. So I do have something to motivate me. Yes I exercise from Monday to Friday. Sunday’s and Saturday’s is just my lazy days. From Monday to Friday I do different exercises or different things to take care of myself. But instead of focusing on one thing, my mind is focused on variety of things that makes me feel better. So I am productive and it helps me feel more energized. This also helps with my anxiety as well as depre$$ion. It does benefit
Abbey N.
I try my best to exercise every single day, except often times I treat Sunday as a rest day (sabbath day!). If you are not wanting to get out of bed, think of the end goal and think of why you started. Think about each and every step you take is a step toward being a better version of yourself. I personally think about how proud I will be when I get up to workout and how disappointed I would be if I didn’t. When you wake up, take a deep breath, count down from 3, and shoot straight up when you get to 1. The hardest part is standing up.
Anne Wil Q.
Good question. There are days that I really struggle with getting out of bed. But I think the best way is; don't start a discussion with yourself about exercising, but just get started!
Lilaine T.
On weekdays I get up at 7 and have a healthy breakfast and wake up a bit. Then i do my work and then my workout. On the weekend I relax a bit more but still the same sort of routine.
Marie Laure U.
Rise and shine! My body needs this!

I don’t exercise every single day, I think the most important thing is routine. Fixed days on which you exercise.

Colleen J.
I exercise in the evening and night to be refreshed the next day to do it again the next say . It makes me feel happier and pushes me
Nellie Z.
I always keep my eye on the prize or my goal. Setting a goal helps give you a purpose, whether it's a health goal or fitness goal, it keeps me centred.
Lydia Y.
how i personally view excersising every morning is just a fun lil workout to get you moving and ready for the day! i normally do something fun and exciting like just dancing, maybe a little weight lifting. sometimes i use one of the provided workouts like the 7 minute one or if i'm feeling really intense the 10 minute intense workout. when ever im not in the mood i just do the 1 minute workout because moving some is better than nothing! yes i do excersise monday through sunday but just do whatever you feel most comfortable with!
Magrit Z.
Yes, I exercise every single day. I know they say it’s okay to take a day off but personally, I feel like it’s so easy to say “I’m busy” or “I’m tired” generally when it comes to exercise. Even a 15 minute workout on a Sunday makes a difference. The thing that gets me out of bed is – knowing that I will feel awful about myself if I don’t workout/complete my goal. I find that although I might not want to workout on a few days – once I begin my workout, I feel energised and “safe” like I avoided falling back into old bad habits.
Hailey I.
Honestly, some mornings are HARD! Especially since I’m usually kind of sore from exercising the day before. I tell myself that no matter what, no matter how sore, how cranky or how unmotivated I feel, I will get some sort of movement and sweat in!
I have a morning routine. I get up, drink a glass of water right away. I *usually* get right in to my workout clothes and then make a light and quick breakfast (yogurt, cereal, eggs, whatever).. some days I do this in my pjs still lol then I eat my breakfast with another glass of water and a coffee while o watch 1 episode of a tv show I like! I find this helps me find enjoyment in my routine, and it helps me ease in to my morning so that it doesn’t feel like a chore. Then I get my sweat on! I usually stretch and do a a bit of quick easy yoga then I get my heart rate up and do a quick 10-30min home workout. I usually run in the afternoon or atleast walk my dog. But that’s a separate part of my day 🙂
Amy F.
This morning my first thought was “I’m too tired to exercise “. I tried to think about how Energetic I would feel after I was done with it. I try to do a little exercise every day.
Jola X.
I really want to be fit, so yeah, my usual mind set ist “I love working out 🏋🏽“. Fake it till I really feel like it. I usually do really intensive 45 min workouts, so I have two rest days throughout the week. I really love the feeling when I finish the workout, and go to shower! Love working out!