What are your at-home essentials for working out?

Sasha Y.
Just a clean tshirt and a firm decision to do it is enough. I found that having all kinds of equipment could be a way to avoid exercise as we often don't have the equipment at home.
Maria W.
Usually my bed, or sometimes even a floor. But, I still prefer having something on the floor, like mat for example, cause it can hurt me just being on the floor with nothing. Also, I can go sometimes outside, it's a very great thing too! Though, after all, I still and always prefer having something on the floor. I dont use any machines or weights, all I do is do some stretches for example, and usually go for a walk or run with some favorite music of mine. That's all.
Brent Z.
Be in a room where it is not cold, have a carpet to do exercises on and put on comfortable clothes (shorts and tshirt). I keep in mind that exercise always results in more energy and so much more benefits
Lucas B.
I use a yoga mat for my workouts and also keep a water bottle nearby to hydrate myself. I also play some workout music with my phone to motivate myself as I exercise.