How do you celebrate your success?

Marcus B.
I never really thought about that but firstly, right when i know I was successful I praise myself for having managed to achieve success. Then depending on what it is, I can have a nice dinner or do something nice for myself.
Ute B.
Usually I don’t. Sometimes I can go to nice place and have diner or a dessert there. Sometimes I can celebrate with glass of vine or bottle of beer
Vit Ria S.
I acknowledge my victory, maybe I need a couple of days to digest it. Then celebrate eating something very good containing sugar or a great wine
Andrea Y.
I like to treat myself to a movie or maybe a good book! There are other times when I feel tired after completing whatever task I was doing, so I would take a small nap.To celebrate after a success just do what makes you feel happy!
Lanette O.
Since I started using The Fabulous app, celebrating has taken new meaning and differing forms.
I might buy a favorite cold brew or a healthy lunch. Or I may try a new recipe at home. At other times I’ll simply shout for joy or pump up the music and dance.
Celebrating small and big wins is fun!