How do you manage to keep your exercise routine when you are on your period?

Vanesa C.
Swimming, Pilate's or taking a walk are great when you are feeling bloated or in pain. Exercise does not always have to bw intense but you've got to keep moving.
Tha S Q.
I don't. I respect my body when my period is heavy and I feel like resting. When I feel a little better, I go back to light exercises, like yoga.
Florence R.
I just continue as usual. I don’t like to quit exercise just because of period, I use a tampon and don’t think about it a lot tbh. I used to have strong pain during my period but exercise even made it better, my cramps are less strong.
Maria O.
I definitely give myself more slack when I’m on my period and minimise the amount of exercise I do. It’s worth using tampons over pads when you’re exercising as it is much more convenient & you don’t necessarily notice you are on your period as much.
Thea Z.
I try to make it, but evoid those exercises that will hurt too much. Actually, training every day, helps me to have less pain on my period.
Rebecca P.
I usually have bad cramps only for a few hours each period, so I just avoid to exercise while I have them, and wait until they're gone. Anyway I don't like to let periods controls me. I just do everything like every other day. We are women, we can do a lot more than just exercise when we have periods! And if your cramps are really bad and you feel really tired all the time, it's probably best if you consult your doctor. Anyway, I find useful to eat more food with iron in it(red meat or veg options), using vitamins all year round and if cramps doesn't stop and your doctor says it's just normal, check out DAYE for CBD tampons that seem to be really effective and safe!
Luke O.
I starve myself to the point that I no longer get my period. It makes keeping my workout routine easy as pie. Mmmmm, pie.
Felicia C.
I give myself grace to rest but I do my best to do some cardio because my period is actually worse and more painful when I don't work out. That alone is motivation enough for me. Don't workout = intense mental cramps, workout = less cramps, clots and more flow. Try it and see if you notice a difference. I'm confident you will. Also, diet can significantly impact it too. So if you can eat cleaner that also helps.
Josefine C.
I do stretch outs mostly focusing on the lower belly, and go for walks and so. I don’t do hard cardio and stuff since I usually don’t have the same energy on my period as if I wasn’t on it
Don E.
I think that in our period we have more time to spend in ourself. I think that if I can’t do my first step on my gym routine only because I’m on my period, I’m trying to make another excuse to do nothing. So, keep on moving!
Luke O.
I starve myself to the point that I don't get a period anymore. It makes keeping my work out routine easy as pie. Mmmmm, pie.
L Andre O.
Well, what I do is to make easy and low intensity exercises. I like walking or doing some slow Yoga or even a small streching routine always help.