How do you exercise in the morning? I find this difficult to accomplish.

Marisa Y.
I set my alarm early enough, so that when it goes off I can lay in bed and check my phone for a few minutes. I then get up and do my morning routine, then I drink my coffee and off to the gym I go. I then try and exercise for an hour and a half. Honestly it is hard getting up in the morning but the way you feel after exercising each morning is amazing and you feel so accomplished.
Julien P.
I aim to do some light stretching, and to only take few minutes. If I have time and feel like it, I turn this in a short workout.
Nicholas T.
I try to do a 15 – 20 minute yoga session each morning to stretch out whatever pains me from the night’s sleep. It’s a great way to focus on whatever you want without the pressure of a rigid schedule or anything too exhausting.
Reiner J.
I started with a simple 30 day challenge that I always see on Pinterest. I’m on day 28 now! It’s just a set of 3-5 small exercises and I can really even see a difference in not just my body, but my confidence and motivation!
Bee X.
Its really not about getting used to excercise so much as it is about getting used to straight up doing something. Excercise is just something you will naturally come to over the course od days as you learn to get up earlier, rested, and with a good plan of action for the day – or at least, the morning.
Reindert X.
I dont like cardio much, or heavy core excercises like pushups and such.
I bought a elastic band and with that you can do slower movements. Because of the restitance your heart rate goes up, you can focus on your range of motion and with 4 to 5 excercises 10 repetitions the 8 minutes will fly by fast! For example: standing on band, hold your arms in front of you and pull band upwards. Other option, hang band on door stand with back towards the door and make punch movements.
Rayian F.
I run and jog in the morning for 30 minutes. I really enjoy my morning workout. It makes me so energetic and stress free.
Sara O.
If I am doing high impact workout (like jumping rope) since I can do it for small amount of time (like 5-10 minutes) I usually do it in the first break I have from online lectures, so It's not exactly as soon as I wake up, if I'm doing low impact (like walking) I will do it for longer periods (like 30 – 60 minutes) so I will listen to an audiobook or watch a video (if I am on the treadmill)
Quynh U.
Hi! I tried to push myself to wake up earlier, about 5am and at the first time, it was really hard for me to do that, but I had my to-do list for every day so I just based on the list and tried my best to accomplish. So I think that you should build your own plan for a day, and yourself will probably follow the list! (It also depends on youu <3)