How do you fit exercise into your routine in the evening if you work long hours and have children to care for at home? What kind of exercise? Any recommendations of apps?

Gaby B.
I would recommend daily burn because it has workouts of all different levels and times. Also fabulous has workouts too! When you are on exercise just scroll down and you will find them!

Jokha N.
I do homeworkouts from Amanah fitness bootcamp. Classes are about 20 minutes and break a sweat. Just the right amount of challenging but not impossible to do. Have been a member since 2017 and the support is amazing! On the days I can get to the gym I get on it as well. I’ve learned to fall in love with my body or rather be obsessed so I’m always tracking my progress and want more and more benefits for my body. Makes me happy generally and tired post workouts but that helps me sleep so good so win win for me!

Suzanne O.
I really don't like how you have to pay for everything because if I have to pay for it I would rather just make it myself and write it on a piece of paper

Adrianna S.
Set aside time in your day & make a schedule. This app helps us to build daily habits & that's where you should start. Set some time aside for you by going off of your kid's schedule. For example, what time do you wake them up to get ready & when do you feed them breakfast? If you get them up at 7 you may find that you may have to wake up early to have some time for yourself to exercise & to do other things that you love to do that you might not be able to do during the day. I use the 30-day fitness app for working out also you can set a timer on your phone & do a medley of workouts that will help you in the target areas of your body. When you wake up use the time that you have even if you find that you have to wake up early to meditate on scripture or affirmations that remind you of the woman/man that you are as well as your capabilities. I hope this helped you!

Sarah E.
I’m still working on this but getting up xtra early is most successful for me. Going to bed early is the key. Apps like apple + fitness are fantastic at the gym or at home. Today I’ll go to gym this afternoon, but that doesn’t always work. Having a plan and an accountability partner usually helps too.