What kind of exercise should I do to gain weight?

Indiego R.
You should drink more water do excises every day for at least 30 mins or less eat healthy food like fruit and veg and nothing fatty like burgers or chips you should commit to the exrcises everyday and not give up
Catarino Q.
dude, i have absolutely no clue. do these actually go through?? ive never received any so…. but if it DOES, then id say research cause i know zero stuff about exercise
Ethan Y.
Gaining weight isn't as much about exercise as it is food. Diet is very important when it comes to gaining weight or losing weight because depending on what you eat It could change the way your body burns fat or the way your body develops. My best recommendation for you is more fatty foods and foods that contain more calories but healthy calories and fats. But keep a good balanced workout along with your balanced diet. Foods that I would recommend are things like peanut butter or salmon. These foods provide healthy fats and Protein while also containg a good amount of calories.