What if I don’t feel motivated to do excersise today?

Marcus G.
Do it anyway, but just a little. You can do e.g. 10 sit ups and 10 push-ups. The main reason to do exercise in the morning is to make your blood going. The same method works for anything. If you planned to learn something for two hours, just say yourself that you will do it only 15 minutes. After that you may cancel doing it, if you want to.
Jakub X.
Well, you always can pass your exercise, but once you do that, you'll stick to this mindset: i'm doing this, because i want to have a better life, instead of I'm making my life better.
Naja C.
First, try to exercise anyway: you'll feel so much better afterwards. If you normallu run, try and HIIT session, if you normally lifr weight, try some yoga: mixing it up and having a new experience will make you see things differently.
Second, if you are really in a bad mood or situation, try a long walk or just walk to work instead of driving.
Lastly, you can always put on your favourite dancing music and you're body will move without you even noticing
Clifton A.
Motivation is fickle and won't always be there for you, but if motivation is truly what you need, then consider how much motivation you'll be bringing into the rest of your day if you just exercise anyway.
Nil E.
I usually ask myself the question: What is the real reason I want to exercise today? Find your deeper, underlying reason. Maybe you want to feel energised and be more productive, or be healthier and live longer, or look good and gain confidence, or set an example for others. Picture yourself having achieved that higher goal. That way you move from "I have to…" to "I really want to…". That can boost your motivation.
Esther F.
Just think about the fact that you're working out for your own health. If you're not motivated for your own health than don't. You have to be motivated for yourself, not because you have to workout.
Sarah N.
Try to go for a walk. Yes, it isn’t hard exercise, but it gets your body moving and blood pumping. You could even walk to a friends house or walk to a smoothie shop. Another good thing to do is ride a bike (if the weather is nice). This is a good exercise that is both fun and (depending where you ride) may be a less strenuous activity. You could also put on music and dance around your house or play a dance game. This is lots of fun, but works your whole body!😁 And if you don’t feel like exercising and/or are sore from exercise the day before, don’t be afraid to take the day off. This will allow your muscles to heal and will give you a nice break from the hard work you have put your body through!
Susanna Z.
Find a way to compromise with yourself. If you’re sore from exercising the previous day, do something less intense, take a 15-20 minute walk. If you’re just feeling unmotivated, try something to get your blood pumping, like jumping jacks. Remember that it’s ok to take it easy and that some movement is better than not doing anything. Be proud of yourself for your efforts.
Carl W.
Skipping once in a while isn’t a horrible thing, but try not to do it more than once a week. Habits such as working out are hard to form and easy to break, but if your body is truly telling you not to work you need to listen to it. m
Let Cia P.
I never regret exercising and that's what a tell myself. I've recently started exercising for 10 minutes a day. It's such a small commitment that I've achieved it every day over the last 20 days which is a big achievement for me. I also have enrolled people to encourage me.
Anne O.
When you create a new habit, to do any exercise will become a need for your body. Without motivation, you can find some strength to challenge yourself to do it. Of course there are days we don't feel well, so skipping one day it's not a problem. The problem urges when you make skipping an habit.
Mait N.
For me, setting two alarms, works. One is for waking up and another for exercises. I set a song I like to excercise to as a second alarm tune. And as soon as I hear it, I start exercising and can't turn off or snooze it until I'm done with exercise.
Janiqua J.
We all have days where we don’t feel motivated to exercise it’s when we begin to make everyday days when we don’t want to exercise is when it becomes a problem. However on days when you don’t feel like exercising remember your why and the reason why you are doing it!!!
Oluwaseyi N.
When I awake with type of vibes before my morning runs and strength work outs is just think of how it feel when I don’t and that usually gets me going once your body gets into the habit it actually starts requesting for the body to get in motion
Tracy E.
Take it easy. Go for a walk or do some yoga instead. If you aren't motivated because of other stressors, give yourself time to think through that while also spending time with your body.
Konstantijn I.
Well you might be hoping for some kind of inspirational answer here, but here is what I have for you.
Tell yourself to suck it up, and that once you do, you’ll feel better.
Bella E.
I’ve always felt that self motivation is the difficult thing to find in yourself. You either have it or you need to work to develop it. It is an individual challenge in all of us. I have found that on the days when doubt enters your routine, trying to take you away from your daily goals, that is when you must fight the hardest to just push yourself to start the session ,
Just START! Then before you realize , you will have completed your task. Success!
Bradley Z.
Tell yourself to do just 10 minutes and be done. You may feel like doing more after the 10 minutes or maybe not but either way you get into the habit of lacing up your shoes and doing something.
Shawn Q.
If I don’t feel motivated, it’s because I haven’t got started yet. But I know that the reward for running in the morning is far greater! I always feel better after running, feel accomplished during the day, and sleep better at night. The running also brings a good appetite, which I definitely need.
Connor O.
You push forward anyway. You might not feel like it in the beginning, but once you get started you’ll be surprised at how your motivation rises!