Does anyone do an 8 minute running workout? Like HIIT or sprints?

Daisy X.
I find it soothing to actually just walk or jog at the least 30min whatever pace…. long as I’m moving but when I get the urge to jog/sprint. I find the “mailbox” method is best. I sprint from mailbox to mailbox n walk every other one.
Rick N.
Nope, I prefer over 20 minutes running, as I need at least 10 minutes to warm up. I've read a couple of books at running and most authors recommend a proper warm up before sprints in order not to get hurt, so it might be a good idea to consult to a running coach. Take care of yourself:)
Willard Y.
i’ll be the first to admit that i hate cardio with a burning passion, but afterwards i feel ten times better. i find interval running on a treadmill great for me: warm up, 30 seconds speed walk, 30 seconds jog/run, 20 seconds sprint. usually i’ll do four sets of this. as you get stronger, i’d say to do more sets, or lengthen the time periods. hope this helps & don’t forget to cool down! x
Johan C.
I do Lucy Wyndham-Read 7 minutes workout. You can see that on youtube. For a beginner like me, who never exercise, it help me steadily feel refreshed and I actually can feel slimming down a little bit after a week. Also I give up earlier when I try HIIT or running so, LUCY FOR LIFE. Haha
Vito X.
Yeah, I throw some treadmill sprint intervals in at the end of weightlifting sessions. When I’m out of the gym for a while and need to get back into shape, I ease into it by telling myself to just do a couple of intervals and cool down if it doesn’t feel too good. I’ll usually do a 15-20 second high effort and then low to minimal effort for 4 times the working interval length (or 60-80 seconds). I’ll cool down when I don’t feel like sprinting any more (usually after only two haha) and I’ll tell myself to do more or go faster or go longer or rest less (etc) the next time I step on
Mathilde F.
At 57 years old, I prefer to do bodyweight-based exercises. Currently using "Lumowell app, Seven-minute workout". It's a simple back-to-basics beginners program. Seems ok for now
Serena Q.
Yes, of course. Some people do. But everyone has a different approach on how to sweat it out and break those laziness inside us. It could be an 8-minute run or sprint or could be anything else. What matters is you like what you do and you enjoy yourself while doing it.