How do you motivate yourself to exercise? I need help!

Eddie Y.
Think of it as just something that is done. Like brushing your teeth, or washing your hands before a meal. In fact getting into the habit of doing it before a meal is brilliant. Even if it is just a set or two of 12 push-ups.
Irma O.
I picked an exercise that I knew I really enjoyed. I love biking and boxing. Find ways to make these things even more enjoyable. For example, I went out and bought a super cute bike and found boxing videos that I really liked. Then I followed the apps advice and made it easier to start right away. I slept in my workout clothes and put my bike right by the door or I put the boxing video up on my TV the night before.
Jacob F.
Just start small. Something like 5 push-ups. If even that is too much you can do 3 wall pushes (it's easier because you don't have to lift your full weight off the ground.

It will take you literally 10 secs to do and don't forget to feel good about it. Don't think this is nothing. Start building up from there, bht start small. Any day you don't feel like committing to a full routine, fall back to your push ups and celebrate them. It will condition your mind to never leave the bed without your first small victory of the day.

Hope this helps 🙂 cheers!

Jacques Q.
Enter a bicycle race or a running race. Set targets you need to achieve. Short term and long term. EXAMPLE: Set a target to run 10km per week and 450km per year. Have the mind set then to meet your targets. Entering those races motivates you. Also track your progress daily. If you skip a day its fine. Try to make it up on another day.
Ross C.
I motivate myself by having an accountability. I am part of the Yes Fam, a group of people who watches the videos of Yes Theory and loves to seek discomfort. I watched one of the videos of Yes Theory and they started the #100DaysOfSweat Challenge. Here, I have a friend who monitors my daily exercise by sending him videos of my progress. I am at Day 20 now, I started even before using this app. So yeah, that is how I motivate myself.
Catherine C.
I don’t need motivation to exercise. It makes me feel good. It’s the one moment during the day when I don’t feel like I’m procrastinating. There’s no guilt associated to the fact that I’m not studying at that moment. Exercise helps my brain and my body feel good and it keeps anxious and gloomy thoughts at bay.
Benuri N.
I don't feel motivated every day. But i try to pick the easiest thing i could do. First day I danced. Second day i felt a bit motivated so I did the 7min exercise, next day I was busy all day so I counted my fast paced walk from office to the parking lot (which is nearly 1km) as my workout for that day. Likewise, If I'm not motivated I pick the smallest thing I could do to accomplish that or try to incorporate it with a day to day task. Hope this will work for you! You got this!
Carlos O.
Doing exercise energizes the rest of my day, for instance, of I have tons of homework, I would start exercising so my body gets that shot of energy and I can start getting productive. Also make exercise easy and fun, you don't need to go to the gym, or even get out of your house. The 7 min exercise is very good.
Patsy E.
I know that it is good for me and it helps to ease my anxiety, so I try to think of these benefits as motivation to go on and exercise. It’s not always easy, it sometimes takes a lot of persuasion. But once you get into it, things will get better
Catarina T.
I often lack the motivation as well 🙂 so I try to mix things up a bit: 15min of yoga in the living room when pressed for time but needing a boost to my energy levels and to consciously feel my body; a 5k run 2-3 times a week when feeling more sluggish and tired of being at home. Btw, I hate running but it's the cheapest, easiest and most time-efficient way to burn calories. I try to focus on how good it feels after running (and that it will all be over in only 30-35min!), and I always listen to a favourite podcast when running. Oh, and I've started sharing with a friend each time I workout, and she does the same so without ever mentioning it we are somehow keeping each other motivated and accountable.
Edouard Z.
I struggled with this too. Hugely. I kept starting /stopping classes, skipping things and so on. I was too tired, didn't want the aches etc.

I found the way forward for me was to stop thinking. If I thought about exercise, I wouldn't want to do it. But if I disengaged my brain and just went to the class, or did a living room workout, almost on autopilot I guess, I managed to carry on merrily with it. Hope tgat helps! 🙏

Alexa C.
I remind myself why I am doing it. It makes me feel better, i feel accomplished after a work out. I don't let myself hit the snooze button in the morning. I get straight into, so I can move on after.
Wesley N.
It’s best to have somewhere to workout or even a separate room. Once you’re there than all you have no choice but to exercise. Also if you get dressed in workout gear than it makes you workout because you are ready for it!
Alma F.
By practicing step by step until yur body gets accustomed to the exercise, start walking around on flat roads and then try hills not to steep and continue to motivate yourself for success.
Andrea U.
I think the most important thing is to find a type of exercise you actually like so that it doesn’t feel like punishment. And that it’s also important to try some new things in case you discover a love for something you hadn’t imagined. I love running, but have still struggled with motivation on bad days. Sometimes it’s a sign I actually do need a rest but I’ve found that remembering how much better I will feel if I’ve done something rather than nothing helps me to convince myself to go out for five minutes and see how I feel. Pretty much every time that first five minutes helps my mood and I feel like staying out longer. And even if it doesn’t, it’s still five more minutes than zero.
Crystal N.
Remember that everyone in the gym is broken and unhappy with themselves in some fashion. Every person in there is focused on their own issues and not judging you, but are looking at you to remain inspired themselves.
Austin F.
First l experience the different in the morning with & without exercises. Then i realized the freshness and active in my body. Its motivate me to continue the progress
Alice N.
find some exercise that you like and it will not be a problem. For example I hate running but a few months ago I was trying to take a little run everyday but it was impossible cause I detested doing it, now I found out that I like yoga so I do at least 20 min of it everyday and it's much easier. Don't force yourself into doing something that you don't like and find something that you prefer.
Ethan O.
I have a friend that holds me accountable for workouts. We go to the same bootcamp 6 days a week. It’s all women and very powerful and inspiring. Find a group that will motivate you!