How I can change my lifestyle and add exercise?

Ronaldo A.
I can change my lifestyle by having and keeping a positive attitude. Having a desire to be and feel strong and vibrant would help me to easily add exercise to my routine 😉
Sveta X.
Try int in the morning. Or maybe look for the times when you are scrolling Instagram or Facebook. Those are you opportunities.
Hiltrud F.
Start with doing short stints, use an app, or the provided exercises within this app, to do just a few minutes a day. Ideally do these at a set time, so it becomes routine.
Holy Q.
Add water into my daily routine more! I need to also start walking and stretching more often-my body is so stiff. Slowly, as I have more freedom to move outside and get a gym membership, I will start doing more intense workouts and eat better. I am going to shape a greater future for myself
Richard E.
You should start slow. Just start with something that makes you happy not something everyone is doing. Your probably thinking, it's easier said than done, but when you start and slowly add difficulty to your exsercise you will see that after some time it will feel great. And remeber, it's all about habbits.
Dilan G.
Don't try to start on a day you set. Because you always postpone that day. So start now. For example, if you don't drink water, get up quickly and drink a glass of water.
Mariana S.
i recently discovered that impulsive workout works for me. i try not to think before i find myself on the yoga mat and exercising. i need the right timing. planning works however at a certain time of the day i might be more prone to workout than other. for example i noriced that around 12 am i am more energized and ready to rock or even around 8pm.
Ad O Z.
Start small. Do you like dancing? Dance to a bop. Do you like nature? Go take a walk. Being active doesn't depend on a workout routine.