How do you exercise while travelling?

Lison Z.
Your body is a machine! Bring runners wherever you travel and you have options to workout. I like to go for runs and do bodyeeightd circuits.
Wolf Dietrich E.
If you're traveling and you want to exercise, I think you should go to a local gym in the area. I also believe you can walk around different places you want to visit instead of using tourist transportation and you can walk to and from different places that you need to go to so that you're getting activity in (just make sure you are safe and you know where you are going and it's not a far walk (unless you want to walk a far walk))
Olivia O.
The 7 minute workouts are good. I also like going for walks or runs and then I get to see more of the place I’m traveling
Ga Tan C.
I would make a short exercise right after getting up. Or it can just sitting calmly by looking at the window, breathing and taking the first sunlight, before going to the bathroom. It help recieve my energy in the morning, keep me active as well as calmly control my mood during the daytime.
Aisha N.
I look up home workouts, or use a workout app I have for simple bodyweight workouts that don’t need a lot of space.

I always try to stay as consistent as possible with my workouts when I travel so in order to do that I pick simple workouts.

Pela F.
While travelling I try to stick with a plan as much as I can… If I can't go to the gym at least I go for a long walk or do a few exercises in a hotel room.
Rosa C.
Mostly walking, but for strength you can do plyometrics, body-weight exercises, or even pull ups on tree branches. It depends on how much you want to exercise and what kind you want.
Mathew J.
I love the outdoors, so I always look for places to explore like local, state or national parks that I can hike and bike. Way better than just hitting the local gym.
Jessie T.
I walk a lot, no buses or taxi or metro – just walking, it's as well the best way how to discover the city plus I always take the stairs. And if I travel to nature, a nice hike is a must!
Josh Q.
I love walking. It's a rejuvenating activity you can do anywhere. Bring a backpack or a baby kangaroo pouch (if you're a parent). Squat or lunge as you walk to workout the gluteal muscles. A brisk 20min walk is all you need to keep your body in motion and feel energized. A walk also is a good warmup for those who need the motivation to do another workout (once you've achieved your walk you feel good and want to "keep going").
Levi F.
I think "exercising" doesn't need to be challenging all the time. Especially travelling can be very exhausting on its own. I would maybe try to incorporate some stretches, yoga or bodywork exercises that don't need much space into the day. There are many instructional videos on that for free on YouTube that could be helpful. Also, if you are not constrained by space you could just walk around and explore the area you are traveling in which is an awesome way to exercise on its own. Most importantly: don't beat yourself up over missing a day, keep it simple and move your body in a way that serves you both physically and spiritually.
Chris S.
If I can't bring my yoga mat I just use a blanket or something so I'm not directly on the floor to do my stretches and exercises. If I'm able to find time and ambition I'll use the gym at the hotel or walk to a nearby store when staying with family.
Muhammad Q.
I think travelling by itself is exercise! 😁 walk between the places you want to visit. Go mountain 🧗‍♀️, hiking, 🏊‍♀️
Josefine F.
While travelling we just can do a little exercise like if we are travelling in train so we can do stretching meditation
Maxwell Z.
Depends on where I go and how much time I'll stay there. More than a week? Yes, but normal and quick exercises like squats, push-up, nothing difficult. More than a month? Yes but I'll search for a gym OR I'll use stuff near me, like bottles of water etc. for exercises. Less than a week? Probably I'll just enjoy the days as rest days from exercises.
Sibelle Z.
Traveling in itself is an exercice to the mind and soul… Walking aroud in a new place is a great way to release all the tensioj in your body.
Be happy, absorb life around you and do what you can and make the best of it…

Best regards

Helena S.
Take the opportunity to exercise whenever you can (several individual five-minute exercise-sessions soon add up to 30 minutes a day). Walking is good (or dancing, or stretching, or doing a warm-up routine; whatever you fancy. (Remember, if your session doesn't include a warm-up, then take-it-easy on the exercises, don't overstrain yourself).
And remember to Have Fun! 🙂
Miranda F.
It depends on what kind of travel. I have traveled to go to destinations to practice sports such as soccer or skiing in past. But if it’s for a vacation or work I do not incorporate exercise. I should find a way to change that and encorporate exercise into my travels, even daily travels out of the house. I feel like this would help create absentminded habit of health, and by absentminded I mean instinctual without having to think about it, BAM, it’s done.
Esteban C.
Depending on where I am staying will determine how I exercise. The hotel gym if I'm there. Seeing my family I'll run around the neighborhood. In a foreign land with no gym then I use the room I am staying in. You can use all sorts of things in a bed room to get a light work out in of some sort
Emil P.
If I can I go for a jog in a local park or just for long walks in the city streets or explore local walking routes if I’m in rural location