I struggle waking up in the morning to get exercise. I’m much more of an evening person when it comes to working out. However, my job mentally drains me and I often times don’t feel like working out after work either. I know I need to become more of a morning person to create healthier habits to start the day off right. Any suggestions?

Cecil J.
I struggle with this too. I’m working on setting a regular bedtime, and sometimes even going to bed when my kids do. Having a pre-sleep routine is helping me, to get in that mode of sleep.
Pl Cido Q.
It is commonly difficult to wake up early in the morning because that’s when the sleep starts getting interesting lol. However, if you can get up you will find the motivation for exercise. There are a few things you could do to help;
a) set alarms on your phone. I set mine for 4:30 am to wake up and 5:30 for exercise, now my body is accustomed to waking up by 4:30
b) download a good app for exercise. This will make it more fun and exciting especially one with audio descriptions.
c) drink some water when you wake up, this helps set the mood for a workout.
Christina X.
I have the same problem. I'd rather lay in bed for an hour after the alarm than get up and get going on my rower. So I compromised with myself and chose both!

I allow myself to linger in bed for 30 min, then I get up, drink my water, do a 5 min stretch routine, feed my cat, and THEN get on the rower. Exercise doesnt feel so daunting when it's my 4th or 5th thing I've done since I've woken up, instead of my 1st.

Herlander P.
I would recommend trying out Ashtanga Yoga. It is a yoga method designed for being done early in the morning and working out your whole body and systems. This is what I do anyways 😉
Alice Q.
If you don't want to exercise then it is probably because you don't enjoy it. Sometimes people will think the only exercise is going to the gym. But you should find something you love to do. You could dance go for a walk do yoga. There are endless ways to exercise. I love gymnastics so everyday after school I go and practice with my mom. Find something you love and maybe try it with a friend it can be fun!
Erica T.
I'm not a morning person at all so I had to start small by first getting in the routine of waking up earlier than usual. I set an alarm and made it so I had to get out of bed if I wanted to shut it off. After getting in the routine of waking up early and not hitting snooze each time, I added in a short exercise routine. When I don't want to wake up, I try to remember how good it feels to get it done and out of the way.
Din F.
Me too. I found that starting off very easy was the key. Just a short walk was something very achievable for me to develop the habit of exercising in the morning – a much harder task to begin with. Then it turned into a bigger walk then a short run and now I’m doing 30 min runs regularly churning out around 6kms a day. On days I can’t bring myself to run I drop back to a walk or maybe some interval walk-runs. And if leaving the house ever gets too daunting, I opt for some body weight exercises instead – just as much as I can handle. Some push-ups, sit ups, squats, etc.

Develop the habit slowly and it becomes easier.

Gereon U.
you can set an alarm for when you want to exercise to wake up and exercise i recommend to use a speaker to connect your phone to so that your alarm is louder so your can wake up. Also, do what ever you need to do i’m the morning then set an alarm or reminder to exercise. This might help. You’re welcome.
Ramiro N.
I would suggest doing your outfit the night before and laying by your bed. Do the same with your trainers so you're ready to go.
Joy A.
I used to have to have the same problem. Being a teacher meant long hours and it was hard to figure it out. What I did was I would bring my gym bag with me the car and would stop into a gym class on my way home from work. I hope this helps! ♡
Emma Y.
Set out your workout clothes/shoes the night before or even sleep in your workout clothes so you wake up already dressed & ready to exercise! If you do yoga, set your mat out the night before too. Also, set an alarm to get up an hour or at least 30 minutes earlier than your usual wake up time so you can fit in a workout.
Eser P.
I think this is a sleep cycle issue. I am an evening person too and trying to schedule bed time to earlier times so it’s getting easier to wake up in the morning. You can use some tricks to get in the bed like reading books, taking hot shower etc. Btw, i don’t think that you have to get up too early like 7 or 8 am, alternatively you can organize your day for late wake up like 9 or 10 am?
Dana T.
I'm no expert but I hope my advise helps you. I always found it difficult to exercise in the morning. However, I'm now on a 2-3 week streak and I feel amazing. The two biggest things that stopped me from achieving what I want was excuses and lack of energy. I'm not a morning person just like you. I would sleep late and wake up later then I would want. Then I would tell myself that it's too late and that I'll get it done tommorow. This would go on for a while until I realized that I needed to stop fueling my excuse. Every time I buy into an excuse I'm sacrificing my future. Everyone wants an amazing body but who'll work for it? Everytime I choose to sleep in I'm letting my future self down. Once you stop buying into an excuse, remember it'll only last for 40 sec, you'll be the captain of your ship and the master of your fate. In regards to lack of energy, to help you in combating your excuses, having water by you, and sleeping early will be very impactful. Remember the 80/20 rule. 80% of your results comes from 20% of your effort. By just preparing you're already 80% there! The last thing is ALWAYS start off slow. If you rush into something you'll lose your motivation faster and it'll be much harder to start again. But if you take it easy first, say a 5 min jog. You're much likely to do it again, and again. I hope this info helps you like it helped me. Feel free to share your progress on the Fabulous Facebook page. Good luck I'm rooting for you! 😁
Karina Q.
I would start off by getting your body used to waking up early. So set your alarm in the morning to the time that you would like to wake up if you were going to exercise. If you do that for a week even without getting up to exercise, your body will automatically wake up at this new time. The following week, actually get up at this new time. Make getting up early fun. Then when you are ready after a few weeks of getting up early incorporate some type of exercise.
This has worked for me.
Ron J.
I'm more of a night owl myself, so I also struggle to work out in the morning. With University though I feel tired when I get home to do a workout, so to motivate myself I tend to go for a little walk around the neighborhood for 15 minutes as to warm up and tell myself "If I could do this I can do a bit more", so then try to do some squats and again say that phrase again and do what comes to my mind at the moment (biceps, abs, glutes) until I feel I've done enough so that my body won't hurt the next morning.

Another thing that has helped me is to establish a morning schedule, and by that I mean wake up at the same time every day. It is tiring at first since my body didn't have a routine, as long as I slept enough was fine. But since I've got a cat that woke me up at the same time every day no matter how late I went to sleep, I noticed that after some days it was less tiring to get out of bed, since my body adapted to be up at the same time each day. So I wake up at 7:30, I get out of bed (if you stay there it is very likely to press the snooze button on you alarm and fall asleep again), feed my cat and drink a glass of water. That little routine has helped me take more advantage of the day and do more stuff until I need to do to class.

I hope this helps you somehow.

Ian U.
Yeah I know the feeling. I've managed to make exercise in the morning stick by taking up a 30 day yoga practice on you tube (yoga with Adrienne). It's made me want to stick to it. Plus having your gear organised the night before and making getting up almost automatic is helpful.
Joanne P.
I am a morning person as well, but I totally understand that isn’t healthy or “helping” me. So, I am going to bed early and avoid screens 2 hours before the bed and listen some guide meditation 🧘‍♀️ In the morning (the difficult part), I’ve been drinking the water and doing 10 minutes of exercise BEFORE leave the bedroom 😂 After that, a shower – no super hot water – and a nice breakfast. I hope everything changes in the following days
Rayleigh G.
Same here! For me I usually just do a short 7min stretching exercise (you can find many videos online) and save the intensive longer workouts for later in the evenings or on the weekends. I think it's good to find fitness classes or friends to workout with at the local gym or park so that you can be motivated by others around you too. Set small fitness goals and work towards them. You can also pick up a new sport with local interest groups on the weekends. If you're looking to work out after work, bring along your gym clothes and shoes so that right as work ends you can head straight to the gym and treat yourself a nice meal after. This is especially useful for me as the inertia to leave house for the gym is stronger for me then say heading to the gym that is on my way home from work. Hope this helps! Start small with shorter workouts and you'll get into the swing of things after a while.
Liva U.
You can get up half hour earlier and work out before you have to go in to work trust me im not a morning person myself and i am a stay up all night being fulltime staying at home mother of my daughter nikki bregy so yeah i understand and i can't even have kids of my own so yeah trust me raising my mama's baby girl nikki is a lot harder as a mother raising my dog nikki up and she's 4 months and 4 years old now in June of she's turning 5 months and 5 years old
Anni T.
I prefer going to the gym in the evenings too, and so i understand the struggle, first of all concentrate on just getting out of bed, an idea might be to put your alarm far away from your bed so you have to get up. As for exercise just start small, but atleast long enough to wake up, for example start with star jumps, jogging on the spot or taking a walk around the block for 5 minutes.
Hasso T.
Im honestly the same way, but honestly pushing yourself to wake up early and getting into that routine( even if it means starting off slow) will help you feel better and then eventually it will jus come to you naturally! set alarms and try to enforce the self discipline it takes to wake up in the morning no matter how tired you are! good luck.
Bront E.
Maybe add more walking to your morning commute? For example: Park farther back in the parking lot, Take the stairs instead of elevators, or if you take the bus, get off a stop early to walk more. If you don’t work, try running on the spot while you watch tv! Good luck! 🙂
Sarah Q.
I am exactly the same but what has been helping me is taking my phone out of the bedroom and using an alarm clock for getting up. I have a partner for accountability. I have made my exercise goals everyday because he helps me when I feel too tired or lazy. The benefits outweigh the morning exhaustion. You can do it! Lets set realistic goals. We exercise in the morning for 7mins this month and at least once a week after work. Then we can take it from there! Good luck, I know we can make it
Willie U.
Try to set a routine in the evening geared toward relaxation. This helps me wind down and get to sleep earlier making it easier to get up in the morning.