How do you make yourself exercise in the evening after work when you’re really tired?

Nevaeh P.
I don’t give myself an option not to. I come home, change, and hit the pavement to walk. No discussion or thoughts of not doing it.

I used to think about it before hand. I’d think things like – “it’s going to be cold” “I’m tired today” “my legs are sore” “maybe I’ll just get up early in the morning and walk”. I’d have so much chatter in my brain about doing it that I’d talk myself out of it. Now I don’t allow myself to have chatter about it.

Rikki N.
I put on some music while im getting ready to workout. Something fun and upbeat. I put on workout clothes that I really like. I’ve also been trying to not think about how tired I am. After work I try to immediately transition to my exercise routine so instead of thinking about how tired I am or taking a break, I go directly to the workout. I’ve also found knowing in advance what workout I’ll be doing has made a big difference. Takes the guesswork out of the exercises and makes transitioning from work to exercise easier.
Jennifer Z.
Since I work remotely, I do strength and flexibility exercises in the morning before I log on. When I log off work in the afternoon/evening I go for a walk. It sort of breaks the day into work hours and after work hours since I still “come home” after my walk. Add weights on your ankles and arms for extra resistance or go for a run if that’s more your thing. But that’s what I do.
Kenzi U.
I focus on my breathing. I build it into my daily schedule or to do list so that after checking it off I feel accomplished.
Nelli C.
I first put my stuff away and immediately go to the place a stretch and work out. Then I put on some music with a beat and just dance around for a warmup then I stretch and do some ab work out. Then when I feel energized I take a shower to refresh so I’m ready to start work at home if I need to complete anything.
Kathleen A.
I remind myself that I almost always have more energy after exercising. I typically walk or run. That being said, I usually exercise in the morning to energize myself and to avoid exercise affecting my sleep. If I exercise too close to bed, I'm wired and don't get the amount of sleep that I know my body needs. So my daily plan is usually to wake up earlier than everyone else and get my exercise in first thing. I only do at night if I missed my morning workout .
Eddie N.
I just get started doing something light and itll pump me up. Could be jumping Jack's or jump Rope. Also I'll meditate to peace the mind before doing that
Jon A.
I exercise depending on how I feel & hoy the day is. If its a beautiful morning I take advantage of that sunshine to recharge. If I feel stressed or in pain, I go in the evening. I dont ussually exercise daily due to chronic inflamatory condition, but I push myself to get up and move
Angel F.
Start small and work yourself up. Pick a time and try to stick to that routine. Start with "Yin Yoga" to help you breath in your new life and let go of the stress, like "Getting your 2nd wind" allow no t.v. time until after you've completed your workout..almost like a reward. Watch a favorite show while working out. Read a good book while on a treadmill. Go outside and walk, fresh air always wakes me up!
Madison S.
So I would sujest that you do a small run and distress and if your up for take a a 20min work out and just tAke and cold shower after and then just relax you will better wake up that way
Rysee Y.
I have no idea! When you find the right answer, let me know! A small silver lining to covid, I get to exercise around 3 in the day. Because I’m working from home, once classes are over, I go for about half an hours walk. This has really helped my mindset. But I know I will eventually have to revert to exercising later in the day, after being on my feet and properly engaging in work again. And the energy levels dip. I guess a healthy ritual would help. Straight into workout gear, a big glass of water, a good playlists and just go for it
Monika G.
I try not to go home after work, going straight to gym motivates me to stay on track. Also, I batch cook meals and keep them ready in boxes in the fridge, ready to eat after I am back home after a workout.
Amanda U.
It can be hard but sometimes you have to just push yourself because the after math will always be worth it, also its okay to skip a day or 2 if you feel like you really need / want to
Louie P.
I usually dont. I get it done EARLY. That way i wont slack off later. But if i have to work out later….i give myself positive self talk and remember my goals.
Alexis G.
Well, I have always been taught to be greatful for everything i have and as i family we used to have much less so it makes you appreciate everything a little more. In quarantine I saw myself become ungreatful especially when my mental health wasn’t so good. So I’m this new year I am working on being greatful again. I have seen many friends have much less than I do and it makes me appreciate my family and what i have.
Sofie P.
I suggest drinking a bottle of water while at rest for 10 minutes then look up a playlist for motivation. If that doesn’t work to get you ready for it then let me know!
Jonathan X.
Choose a low intensity exercise warmup like stretching or yoga. After you get your body moving you'll be much more motivated if you want to move on to something more strenuous
Jackie O.
I don’t. Never could. First thing in the morning is best. It’s done and out of the way, and you don’t have to dread it all day. 🙂
Marie P.
I remind myself that even though I feel tired it might actually give me more energy and make me less stressed than if I just go home and relax. I try to remind myself of all the benefits.
Adri O E.
It helps to know the natural high you receive instantly increases your energy and also helps to quiet the mind and your body ready for a nice well rested sleep.
Bryan Z.
Now is covid and I've been feeling pretty down to workout but I still do it because I think about my health and I want to feel nice with myself.
Josie I.
I like to watch tv at night, so I put a treadmill in front of my tv so I walk when I watch things, but it can be as simple as butting small hand weights next to your couch.
Felicia Q.
I would change the question to “What do I need to change to exercise first thing in the morning?” I find that shifting exercise to the morning makes it easier to accomplish no matter what, because you don’t fight with yourself all day long. If you are not willing to make this change or believe you don’t have time, how about taking short (1-5 minute) breaks through out the day to walk around or stretch? I also say to myself when I am too tired, “just exercise for 10 minutes and then you can quit if you want to be done.”I have never quit after 10 minutes because starting is the hardest part. We make exercise more difficult then it has to be. It doesn’t have to be continuous, we don’t have to wear special clothes, and we aren’t in a competition. Look for little ways to add it into your day. Park farther away from the door. Take the stairs. Walk into the other room instead of texting. It’s not a marathon. It’s a walk.
Rebecca F.
I prefer to exercise in breaks during the work day, but I understand that’s not available to everyone. If you have to exercise after work, I recommend going straight away when you leave work/close your laptop, before you lose the momentum. Then you have the rest of your evening to yourself!
Deborah W.
Try doing half the workout. Or do it for one minute. Or do it with someone. Or try a fun kind of exercise. Or exercise while you watch TV. Or psych yourself up by putting in your workout clothes. Or putting on makeup. Whatever works.
Lara S.
I don’t, I exercise in the morning and the only thing I do at night is a 10 minute yoga or stretch and a little meditation to sleep better. Exercise in the evening doesn’t sound that good to me but if that’s the only way you can do it I suggest that you do it before you rest because then is harder to get up and exercise, arrive home from work and just do it, then you can rest.
Arnaldo Q.
I have a very interesting podcast that I only allow myself to listen during walks. This motivates me. I might prep or start a meal that needs time to cook, which gives me a reward afterwards. I might have a sweet snack or a small times rest before the walk to give back some energy. Or I will say you just need to go for 20 minutes out and 20 minutes back.
Myrtle P.
I do it by telling myself that is not the exercise that’s important , it’s the showing up that is. But acknowledging that I’ve shown up to exercise I’m more motivated to follow through with finishing my workout session even if it’s late.
Eleonora Z.
It's not easy, but I always make sure I have the workout already chosen, and the clothes laid out when I come home. This way I feel bad if I don't do it and it makes me more motivated!
Rachel I.
I throw my tablet on a treadmill and try to keep it hard enough that I'm not just strolling. Also having a workout partner is helpful, it keeps accountability (Even if it's just a 7 yr old with a stopwatch). Building it into your routine forcing it to happen can work (this works well if you're schedule/ at home time more flexible) so most of us need some buy in so we get chased out of the room when we want to be lazy. I also have no shame in using the reward system with myself, whether it's a cup of coffee or something less healthy…. No matter what you do, you have to like it and have buy in! Going through phases is okay too, just get back up again!
Tia P.
I usually don’t exercise in the evening, I prefer to work out in the mornings. However I find that having a friend to help encourage me to keep going really helps me as well as when I’m really tired it takes a lot of effort but I often will tell myself over and over again “just do it, get it done then I can rest” even if I only do half my work out atleast I got some of it done and I still feel more accomplished then if I didn’t do anything. It might help to start with small and short workouts first like do a 5 minute work out until it becomes a habit then increase it gradually till your doing the routine you wanted in the first place
Dubs Duh N.
I used to and have no problem working out in the evening. But I prefer to be in the gym if I’m going to workout at night. To push myself feels easy because a gym is a fun destination with a specific goal in mind. But because of the panorama, the safest place to workout is at home. My new preference is working out at home during the early morning.
Ermelinda Q.
Try to think about how great you’re going to feel in general and about yourself afterwards. Think of it as ridding yourself of all of the stress and negativity in your day. I always feel so much more clear-minded and better about myself afterwards especially on days where I really have NO energy. Even if you just work out or go for a walk on the days you’re not feeling it, you’ll feel so much better that you pushed through. I think it’s the best, most efficient way to take care of your mental health. It helps me to think of working out solely as something I’m doing to boost my mood, my happiness, and my mental clarity- nothing physical or relating to outward appearance, just taking prioritizing your mental health and feeling really good with yourself on the inside.