What do you do when you sleep in?

Lauren C.
Try not to panic and just go about my day doing my routine as normal, sometimes we need to rest and it's our bodies telling us to do so xx
Alice E.
I rarely sleep in as my body is so wired to wake up between 7 and 8. If I do manage to have a lie in when I'm need of more sleep, once I wake up having breakfast is my priority. I want to be eating my breakfast as soon as possible so that the rhythm of my meals are off kilter for the rest of the day. If I have breakfast at 11, then I'll have lunch at 3.30 and dinner way too late in relation to when I go to bed. I know I'll have a better day if I'm having 3 good meals at the usual times.
Alexandra Z.
When I sleep in I make sure to relish in it. I get up and move with ease and intention. Then I have a really great breakfast because I have the time to spend getting creative.
Mia U.
i recently started working out in the mornings, so i guess I would skip that (besides everyone can take a break) i would eat something easy, such as apples, I wouldn't shower and i would wear something simple, easy and fast
Regina U.
I take a walk, I breathe fresh air, I watch ASMR videos, I dream about having a boyfriend or being Avenger or living with Tom Holland.
Oliver C.
No matter how late I sleep in, I still try to hit everything on my morning routine, even if it's not even morning anymore.
Mariechen F.
I f I sleep in I make sure it force my self to build energy to get up then wash my face with cold water to refresh my skin and wake me up finally 🙂
Katie O.
I lay on my stomach with one leg straight and one bent, with one are under pillow and on top of pillow. I curl up and relax and just drift off to sleep. I find the cold spot in my bed and that helps me go right to sleep.
Hayli U.
I mess up and just tend to keep being lazy the rest of the day. But on good days, I just kickstart myself with coffee and a good brunchy sandwich. I think using the pomodoro or whatever would be useful in terms of making up for/focusing on work after waking up late.
Nicole N.
I don’t often enjoy sleeping in any more, but when I do I like to stretch for a while and spend time with Trav, and then watch news and read emails. Then we’ll decide what we want for breakfast.
Jesualdo I.
I do my rituals anyway. Just later. I don't want to miss out on my best life. I personally have a hard time with mornings. So that's a mountain I yet have to ascend. But it's also important not to out yourself down too much. I did that all my life up until this year. I've been putting so much pressure on myself and my goals that I've never been able to live up to those perfect standards. But the goals are not unreachable. It's the thinking and pressure that's flawed. Keep going. Don't give up.
James U.
I usually check my phone, scroll through IG, youtube or twitter. The reason why I sleep in is because of sleep problems. Usually when I want to sleep I can't sleep but when I have to do something I become sleepy.
Jeanise W.
I almost never sleep in, but when I do, I try to practice letting go and focusing inward, what thoughts do come up, what am I thinking of, if my thoughts are positive and if they are not, what might be the root for these thoughts.
Herminia T.
I always try to make up for the time i have left out so i will try to have a productive day and always listen to fabulous if i am ever in doubt
Lanna O.
When I sleep in I try not to sleep for more than an hour past my regular wake-up time. I give my body the extra rest it needs, but I don't like messing upy whole morning routine by sleeping for too long.
Maria B.
Do your routine anyways. Even if it means its at a different time, its more important to go through the motions than the timing of things.
Nicole C.
When I sleep in I start my day as if it was normal wake up time, no matter what time I actually wake up.
So if the normal alarm is 10, but I wake up (on a scheduled rest day) at 12:30, I do all my morning tasks that should have been done at 10, so I still do morning yoga, even if it’s later.
Chantal E.
Panic!! Ha, only joking! I usually jump out of bed and rush about, I seem to get more done in that short amount of time than the longer amount of time I originally did! I grab a glass of milk and a granola bar to eat on the way, not the best breakfast, but fills a gap in an emergency.
Mallory R.
I love to sleep in, but it causes a lot of negative outcomes. Sometimes I feel more rested and it’s work it. Other times, it didn’t make a difference and it caused more problems instead. Often, I end up not doing all my usual routines and end up being rushed and late.
Sebastian E.
I tend to feel really tired and lethargic on days I sleep in. I don’t really feel like it makes me feel better- it actually usually makes me feel worse.
Sacha G.
I often find a child will worm their way into bed and snuggle up for a cuddle. Then I’ll usually just fall back asleep with an audiobook playing through my sleepphones, or fiddle around on my phone until I feel like I’m too achey to stay in bed any longer
Josh X.
I don't, unfortunately. But if your question is more geared around how do I prioritize when I don't have time for my morning routine, I typically focus most on the essentials for body and focus: vitamins/medicine, brushing teeth, breakfast, to-do list.
Casey N.
If I sleep in on a workday, I make sure I still at least have water and keep some quick, healthy breakfast options on standby. I do my workout and daily coaching later in the day, maybe around lunchtime, instead of in the morning. If I sleep in on a day off, I simply do my morning routine a little later and make any necessary adjustments
Grace W.
I still try and do my morning routine, skip breakfast and just eat lunch! I try not to feel to bad about “lost time” and make the most of what time I have left before I have to start my day.
Eva F.
When I sleep in I immediately begin my day. I do everything I need to do but in a faster pace until I catch up with my schedule.
Viri P.
Good sleeping in Vs bad sleeping in.

Good sleeping in:

When I let myself sleep in is sometimes when I do not have work. Meaning, in the weekend. I do this to recharge. Also, to let go and feel free. Free of a work schedule. During these times I generally sleep in until 10:30ish-12noon

Bad sleeping in:

When I do not let myself sleep in. But do it is because of last night. Meaning, the night prior I stay past my bed time. Hence I end up sleeping in to catch up.

What happens the night prior mostly is connected to something that is bothering me. But I am ignoring. That "something" mostly is "something" that needs to be addressed or done before going to bed. (Let's call something "x")But I ignore it. I ignore it because I feel it's going to be emotionally charged or it will take lots of effort on my part or will get me out of my comfort zone or I do not know how to do it. Hence, will take me a long time. Hmmm writing this is helping. Thanks fabulous app.

A way I could make this process easier(e.g. addressing X sooner and faster and with less effort) could be….

1. Check in with myself in the middle of the day. Similar to my morning meditation and night meditation check in.

2. Make room in my schedule– 2 hrs/3 hrs– before ending the day….we could start with just 10mins to ask and timer to do so it's easier?

3. Maybe even cut X into 2 days?

Erin F.
I like to make different breads and scones, bake them on the weekend and then you have a nice morning treat!
I usually sleep in too much, so
I eat cereal or something quick like coffee and toast.

Maybe a smoothie would be good for you, it seems like you don’t go for breads in the morning.

Berardo G.
I start my day as any other day just knowing that I have less hours to complete the tasks of the day. Sometimes it's okay to treat yourself with a bit more sleeptime
Megan G.
Literally just snooze. Lie there and do nothing, think about the day ahead, worry about things I havent done rather than getting up and doing them…
Caroline Z.
Continue my routine whenever I wake up 😊 I try not to be too hard on myself, as well. We all need some time to sleep in every once in a while!
Catherine U.
I usually sleep in on my days off. I try and go to bed at the same time every night but it’s nice to wake up to the sunrise and not my alarm. When the light peaks in my window it makes me feel more alive then when my alarm goes off. I’m usually happier too. I feel good. I feel rested and ready.