How much time do you need to do all your morning habits before you leave the house?

Cathy U.
I have 3 habits as of now drinking water, having a great Breakfast and exercising

Water – that's the first thing I do when I wake up and I try to drink 2 liters of water everyday that's an equivalent of 8 cups but if you want you can start at 1.5 liters which is the equivalent of 6 cups

Great Breakfast – it's relatively very quick as my breakfast is so quick I either eat an apple & a pear or what I started doing which is yogurt and a good amount of cherry thrown in making it takes 1-3 minutes and eating it takes another 5 minutes

Exercise – I now just do push ups I do Around 60-70 push ups cause I just came outta hospitalization so I am taking things slow that takes about 3-5 minutes

So at the end it takes me a good 15-20 minutes to finish my 3 habits

Jahrayiah T.
I am not a morning person so I try to merge task to make it seem like less of a task if that makes sense. So usually 10-15 mins and that’s mainly to shake the drowsy off and start my full body stretch. Breakfast is a merge task so this happens by the time I’m out of the house. (ex driving or at my desk) hope this helps.
Alida Q.
The morning habit doesn t Take much time because i have my water bottle near, also the breakfast îs made very fast. The only chore that takes time is the 7 min workout because i don t usually do 7 min workout. For example today i went for a walk and a small run. So it s relative. Also on tuesdays i am very busy working and i don t know if i can make sport
Tessa E.
9 hours. I meditate, do yoga,have breakfast, do 3h strength training, go for a run, post workout yoga, have a cold shower, do my skin and body care , get ready and make and eat lunch
Oliv Rio Q.
Well I go for a hike first thing in the morning so I'll need about 15 minutes to get ready for that. But after the hike to get ready for work I need about 45 minutes. That includes shower, makeup, getting dressed, and taking of care of a few household things
A B.
I don’t normal finish my morning routine before going to work. I do a fast so my breakfast isn’t until 11am. The rest including the exercise (normally stretches) takes me about 30min. I did take the suggestion of prepping my clothes and things the evening before this does save time.
Daniel P.
It usually takes me up to an hour to complete my morning habits. I always take breakfast to go, I just don't enjoy sitting down for breakfast. 😅
Jane N.
Around an hour. Glass of water is quick, exercise of choice is dog walking which takes more time and breakfast is a 10-15 min task