What kind of exercise do you do?

Jennifer P.
I enjoy doing a multitude of exercises. Though I have enjoyed doing martial arts since I was a child because it helps me get a great workout while teaching me self-defense which in my opinion is essential for all women and girls.

Judy T.
Stretching,stretching is easier because you don't need that much space compared to running ,walking or dancing , just a few jumping jacks or bending will do .

Aaliyah W.
I personally like to do a variety of exercises. Some of my favourites include HIIT, strength and core exercises, hot yoga, hiking and walks. Depending on my mood, the exercises that I gravitate towards will change. For example, if I want to be with my thoughts, I’m more likely to go for a walk, as opposed to if I want to feel energized, I’ll do a HIIT class. Finding activities that you enjoy and that meet you where you’re at but also allow for improvement can be a great place to start!