How do you make sure you exercise even when you’re exhausted?

Gilca Q.
I do a slow stretching video on pbs. I use this apps abs video and it’s only 4 minutes. Every little bit counts and helps you feel better!
Policarpo O.
You should set a time for when you will exercise. Make sure that, that time is when you do not have anything to do. Try doing simple exercises, and drink water. Don't forget to take breaks. – yours truly, Julia
Nevena F.
Usually I do not exercise when I'm so exhausted. I think that have no point, body needs some rest so I just skip that thay but I make up for it with a lot of walking before bed.
Maxime T.
I fix my exercise area to make sure that I can easily do the exercise without doing a lot of preparation. I just tell myself to start even if for just a minute. Once I get started, it is easier to push for more minutes until I find myself finsihing the required set.
Tessa F.
I make sure I wake up at 6 then I sit down pull my yoga mat and then breathe. I try filling my lungs up with air and then exhale and in that way I'm exhaling my exhaustion away. Once I feel refreshed I get right to exercising. I also make sure I don't over exert myself during that period to make sure I have enough energy in my body
Lieselotte X.
I have started with a short amount of time, found a time that works for me (not the morning), and when I’m exhausted I do milder exercise. Today I had a migraine and spent the exercise time meditating.