How do I motivate myself when I’m feeling down?

Silas X.
Pretend you are a machine and that you have to do whatever you need to do. Remember that the hardest part is getting started. And rather than committing to finish the task, just commit to yourself that you will spend 10 minutes on it.
Claire Y.
Hi, the way I always motivate myself is doing an activity I like while doing these challenges and I try being around family! I hope this helps.
Gonk T.
Kiss something, or someone, you love. Tell them it will be ok. And then smile. Get back up. Let out all the air in your lung with one big HAAK! Then jump. Do some jumping jack. Take a bottle of drink. Wash your face with ice water. Take an ice bath & change clothes. Eat something healthy. I bet you'll feel thousand times better from now on 😁
Allison O.
For me it works to think about all the things I have accomplished. And sometimes just doing the routine even if I don't want to feels great.
Christa R.
I like to exercise or sing or dance. It makes my feel calm. I also like to do breathing exercises. It helps keep me be calm.
Carrie E.
I try to take a deep breath and focus on doing the next right thing. Maybe I will stand up and then go outside and take a walk. Or stop my pattern of thought to refocus on whatever task I was working on. I will finish the email or finish folding the laundry. I may narrate my steps. Good luck and be kind to yourself!
Jackie U.
I really wish I could answer this question with confidence. When I feel down, it’s really hard for me to shake off my sadness and being flat. I really struggle with this sometimes. All I want to do is be in my bed and not do anything. I think a few things that can be better options and far more motivating is to find the energy to go outside for a short nature walk whilst listening to music. That could really push you to try and not think about what is happening and just move. Another thing that could also be done is perhaps trying to talk to a friend about it and seeing how they can help motivate you. Finally, watching a YouTube video of someone I find motivating or inspiring can also help with that feeling of being flat.
Christina Z.
Do what make sure you happy!! You can read, go for a walk, listen to you right favorite song etc. Just do you!! I like to listen to music or read! It helps me unwind and get excited for what I’m going to do that’s day! Thanks for the great question!