Do you have a favourite gym/class?

William E.
I usually prefer going to the gym vs. classes, but I have been joining yoga sessions offered at work and really enjoying these in spite of my lack of flexibility…!
Jackson X.
Yes! I love exercising, and taking a nice cold shower after. I also tend to meditate before I got to bed.
Rachel Z.
I tend to prefer to exercise by myself. There's a lot of extra cost in going to a gym or class (fees, the drive there and back, also motivating myself to leave the house in the first place) and I feel like I'm more expedient and comfortable right here at home.
Rich W.
I started taking fencing lessons, and I'm loving it. It's a form of exercise that occupies both my mind and body, and it keeps me away from a traditional gym, which I tend to find stale.
Lizaine A.
As I used to box, I really enjoyed training in this type of environment. I enjoy a tough, physical session when I'm working out so it's the kind of workout that's tough to do but leaves you feeling refreshed after it's over.
Adalsindo O.
No, I don’t have a favorite of either. Typically I do weights at home alone (when motivated) or I run in my neighborhood (again, when motivated. Although, I do play tennis quiet regularly 2 times a week, each session is usually 2 hours. I am happy to report I have been running or doing weights each day since I started Fabulous. I hope this helps answer your question.
Alice W.
Each person is going to be different. The absolute best thing to do is try several different things for yourself–coaches, classes, at home, etc.–or get some advice from someone that knows you well, and just decide for yourself what WORKS BEST for you. (This will include you liking it, but motivation / consistency will be just as important.)
Examples: My wife really likes classes at Orange Theory Fitness, but I prefer to just go to the free gym at our apartments. She LIKES howOrange Theory makes her feel, but the REAL motivation to go is that she is paying for it and doesn't want to waste her money.
Abdias N.
I like doing a range of different workouts so I have different methods of meeting these needs. I wanted a routine that had a balance for stretching, resistance training and cardio. So at present I focus on doing weights 3 times a week and cardio/stretching twice a week.

I find walking on the treadmill extremely tedious so I get my cardio by attending a Barre Class twice a week. Basically this is a ballet inspired fitness class.

For stretching, I attend Yoga once a week but also another Les Mills class called Body Balance which mixes Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. These classes are excellent for the mind but also help with recovery from my cardio and resistance training.

Burckhard A.
I stopped going to my gym during 2018 as the trainer was not helping me fulfill my potential despite my attempts to get that help from her. So this year, I have taken matters into my own hands, using the knowledge I have and workout apps to get better results. I feel better about myself this year than I did same time last year when I was slogging it out!
Guilhermina S.
Well I've gone through many different gyms/classes… my main source of exercise is climbing. I go to a climbing gym 2 or 3 times a week. No matter where in the world you are, the climbing community is by far the best and the .ost friendly! Great atmosphere and amazing experience. Not only is it a workout but you also build confidence, technique, and you really work on your fears as well. It's an all around workout, mental and physical. Additionally, I've done crossfit and I really loved the layout of that type of class because it's multiple quick circuits in rotation which is a full body workout without you even realizing. I love it.
Frances B.
Yes, I have a favorite HITT class and a favorite instructor/trainer who teaches other classes that I also like and encourages me to always try new things and to challenge myself.