How do you get yourself up early for workouts when you’re really tired?

Delvena Z.
Drinking water as a start off gets me refreshed, so even when I’m tired I know that getting up to finish my routine will make me feel even better.
Hella Q.
I actually don't
I prefer to stay in bed if i'm really tired.
Forcing myself to workout even though i'm not in the mood is not something i would do for now
Oscar A.
How I prepare myself to get up early in the morning is to make sure I am in bed by at least 10pm. Then I will put something soothing on (music, audibles, etc) whatever relaxes me this way it makes it easier for me to fall asleep. Also, I set an alarm, and have my workout clothes already set out so that when I awake I can just put them on and be ready to workout. I hope this helps!!
Hans J Rg X.
Put on your favourite music while you still in bed to try and wake yourseld up. Jump out of bed and wash your face with cold water. This usually wakes me up and gets me in the mood to jump around!
Rea Y.
I don't lol. I think it's important to listen to your body. if you need sleep, then sleep, and then get up and workout in the afternoon. as long as working out is in the morning or afternoon, otherwise it can prevent you from having a good night sleep.
Signe W.
My sleep app requires me to walk around to turn off the alarm. I figure that I might as well do a light-morning excersise while I'm at it.
Claudilene A.
If it takes to much energy, I would suggest buying thing that you can mix together and be done with. For example buying yogurt and fruits and just putting them together and eating them. That way you can can change it up without too much effort. You could also just stick to protein bars, fruit pots and bags of nut to grab on the go if you don’t have time that way breakfast can alway be different.
Lyssa N.
I think about how good I will feel after I have done it. And if I have had a long day I will walk, run, do some jumping jacks just to make sure I am well fitted! 🤗
Rafael F.
I suggest waking up and counting to 5. After 5 seconds, stand up and your body will feel much better waking up early. Find the difference between tired and unmotivated. If you’re tired, please get some rest. If you’re unmotivated remind yourself why you started.
Isabella F.
Do some stretch in your bed. If you have enough energy stand up and stretch some more. You're doing your best. Trying is important.
Lauren Z.
It really is not easy to wake up and workout. So I decided to sleep with my yoga mat already laid down before bed so then when I step down the first thing I see is the mat and my workout clothes laid out. This helped me to stop scrolling and actually get out of bed and do something
Nanna G.
I usually give myself time to adjust to my where abouts then I’ll stretch to prepare for the task in hands and before I start I get my active wear on and drink some water