How much exercise do you do in the morning? Do you find it difficult to get up early and exercise?

Christian N.
In the morning i do just 1 minute of exercises, just to start the day with energy. The real workouts for me are in the afternoon.
Hans Michael U.
I walk on a treadmill for 5 mins every morning, and there has been a few bumps in terms of my consistency. Sometimes I would be too tired to do it, but will still do it. And other times I feel completely normal.
Olorunfemi B.
No, I get up immediately I hear the alarm rings from fabulous. I’ve programmed myself to get up every morning whenever I hear this sound. Have mastered this and it’s really helping me improve. I get everything necessary done, I drink water first thing when I get up from bed. I get my exercise done, 15mins to 20mins.
Daniel F.
I usually do 5-10 minutes of exercise. I usually either do a workout, go on a walk, or dance to my favorite music. I sometimes find it hard to accomplish these things, but I try to push myself to do them.
Larissa O.
I walk my dog in the morning. I don’t find it difficult to get up because I have people in different time zones that I can only talk to in the morning
Ang Lico A.
I get up in the morning, I drink water and I return to bed, I put on some tv to help me focus and get less bored. While watching tv I lift dumbbells and stick to my goals, although some day I do find it a little difficult to get started