How do you keep to your exercise routine when life is extra stressful?

Lina Y.
You could do the cobblers pose, Head to Knee Pose, Seated Straddle, Supported Bridge Pose and the Goddesses pose. That’s all the poses I do on my period
Adelbert J.
I dont always stick to my routine. If sou dont feel like you have energy or time to exercise, then dont. Dont feel bad about it
Abbie Z.
I exercise before breakfast but it is kind of stretching and it is short. I seriously do exercises after 2-3 hours later of breakfast.
Villads N.
I remind myself that I want to change and want to do this to be a greater me. When life is stressful I try to cut the time I would usually exercise in, short. You could also try to stand up a little earlier to do your routine or just do some short exercises throughout the day. It is normal if we don't want to do an exercise or don't have motivation or the time to do so. You can also skip that extra stressful day but never give up hope. I hope I could be of help and I wish for you that things chance for the better.
Have an awesome day
Cory P.
I keep my exercise how i can, and day to day my mind connect with that and will be easy to remember, and of course Fabolous app made me motivated 🙂 ❤
Lydia S.
Because I would get more stressful if I didn't exercise. So, for me exercising makes me more better even when I'm at my lowest. So when you remember that your mood will change for the better, you will get excited to exercise. Atleast for 5 or 10 minutes.
Katrine X.
Use exercise as a way to destress and motivate yourself, whenever you have free time and/or stressed do a short workout which is not time consuming to release stress and clear your mind to complete your daily tasks
Rick O.
I tend to more stressed if i don't exercise. So, I'm trying to commit exercising routinely. At least 15 minutes in the morning, so I don't get too tired after exercising.
Villads U.
I'm still trying to figure that out. One thing that has helped is going things I enjoy. I prefer to do yoga or stretches at home then go for a run or go to the gym.
Sebastian F.
First of all, be kind to yourself during hard and stressful times. Don’t be too down on yourself if you miss a few sessions. Exercise is something we do for ourselves and sometimes what’s best for yourself is to miss a day of exercise. For me, I feel lucky that I’ve found a form of exercising that I love and would do all the time, if I could (bouldering). Because of that, I know that I’ll keep coming back to it and I try to fit in a session whenever I can. That being said, if my schedule can’t accommodate it or I’m just having a rough day or I know I need to be focusing on something else, I’ll skip it. If moving your body/exercising is something that helps you de-stress (I know it is for me), then find a way to exercise (maybe different than normal) that can fit into your schedule or that brings you joy and feels right for your body in that moment. It could be going for a walk, tossing something around with friends, an at-home yoga/stretching/bodyweight exercise session, hiking, biking around your neighbourhood, dancing in your living room, or even just a shorter/easier version of what you already do. Anything really!
Laurine O.
Just keep it, it's all in the mind and you can control stress, sure some moments are stressful and you dont want to exercise in, but for me, these are the best moments to exercise cause they give you an extra challenge that you could complete and improve upon.
Louis U.
i try my best to keep my routine exercise life steady and consistent but i struggle because i feel as though i run out of time when really i should have not spent so much time on my phone
Eduardo P.
I won't lie, it's really hard but try to think of your exercise as a time to not think about anything else! I'm trying to learn to use it as an anti-stress! Oh and watch Linda sun videos! She really helped me and she could do the same for you
Th O P.
Remind myself of my priorities, that I could have a different job, less/more money… but only one health, only one life. Keeping yourself fit and healthy during a pandemic and making that more of a priority than other things will also makes sense. Once you are ill you can't work anyway. So, maybe mive to a cheaper accommodation, change your job and focus on your health more. In this way you will add years to your life and be happier. Ask yourself: do I really need a car, a foreign holiday, more, bigger and newer gadgets or would I rather be a bit poorer and live 5-10 years longer? By answering that question you will have the answer you seek.
Josefine Y.
I use SAVERS technique for that which expands out to Silence,Affirmations,Visualisation,Exercise,Read and Scribe . When life is so busy and stressful one should really give atleast 1 minute to all of them . So 1 or 2 exercise is recommended
Sofia Z.
Sometime i just meditate and don't exercise. I saw a post in fab story and that said if you stressed, than go to the bed earlier and i do that always when im stressed
Janice S.
Even in a stressful and hard day you should exercise just a little bit so you won't skip a single day and the next day you will know it is worth to keep going
Rudinele P.
It is hard as you get very distracted and you focus on the stressful situation, rather realising, that it is not urgent, so it can wait, and therefor to be mindful that you need/want to focus on yourself, which actually puts you back in control, self care and to achieve that little bit of exercise, and learning that actually, i enjoy exercising after all, a bit taboo, but i realise my body likes to be physical. It also trains my mind to put me first, and not the stress into the drivers seat.
For now as i restart exercise, i prefer to break it up throughout the day, which mentally(the thought of a mountain of exercise), if far easier, to overcome with a moment (10mins x twice a day), and so to build up to more,when my body and mind allows. Its not just my body that needs to change, its my mind too. If i feel like doing more, i will.. But i understand this is for my health, the most important thing, more important than a non urgent stress,and time for me in every way.
Cauani Q.
I get it over with as soon as I wake up. I had got myself a skipping rope and that's what I turn to, most days when I don't want to do anything more time taking. If not that, I just do some jogging in my own room and some jumping jacks. The idea is to incorporate exercise and movement into my daily morning routine. I am planning to also incorporate and practice Yoga, and have been looking online for postures. So that when I wake up, I know what I want to do. I hope this is helpful. Good luck.