What time do you wake up to make time for all your habits?

Adam Z.
Me despierto a las 6 am. Intenté a las 5 am pero mi agenda no permitía dormir bien y levantarme a esa hora. A veces es difícil pensar en la rutina y no siempre logro hacerla inmediatamente me levanto, pero siempre trato de sacarle tiempo para completar todos los hábitos.
Kassandra E.
I wake up at 5:40am which gives me enough time to get all mt little habits done with time to spare in the morning. With a start time of 8am, I usually have half an hour to just sit and relax before I actually head out to work.
Erhardt X.
I have to wake up two hours before I'm supposed to leave which has meant getting used to waking up at 5:30am. But it's also because I like to have time to drink my tea etc. I reckon 90 minutes could work for some people.
Jared B.
2.5 hrs before I have to be at work. Morning time is me time and I want to make sure that I don't rush through it. This gives me enough time do a longer work out, take more time getting ready, or take care of something unexpected without cutting out something else. It also gives me time to wake up at a relaxing pace. The first thing I do is drink a cup of tea by the window. If I start my morning with a ritual that truly brings me joy I'm much more likely to get up on time.
Calvino E.
Between 4:20 and 4:50, but always by 5am. I use a sleep cycle app that wakes me up when I’m in a light sleep. Then I write in my 5 minute journal, make my bed, drink my water and get into my workout clothes. The rest of the habits fall into place after that.
Jonathan P.
I set my alarm for 4:30 but usually hit snooze until at least 5 am. This is something I want to stop doing. I want to make it a habit to wake at 4:30 am each morning. It seems to be the optimal time to get the most out of my quiet time before kids and husband wake up.
Pet Nia Q.
I wake up at 4:30am. I have to be at work by 8am and I know it sounds too early but this is the perfect time for me to go through everything I want to do before my work day starts WITHOUT feeling rushed. If you don't give yourself enough time to go through your morning routines relaxed, then you are losing in the long run! Avoid a rushing into your day to day.
Giulia T.
I am waking around 7:30 to drink my water and have my fabulous breakfast. The exercise I do in the evening. Maybe I could shift that to the mornings as well.. But that's a lot to ask now. How do you do it?
Ecl Ia N.
I have to be at work by 9 a.m. most days, and live about 5 minutes away from the office. I’ve been waking up about 7:30 to perform my habits, but sometimes I still feel a bit rushed. This is especially true if I’ve gotten a later start than anticipated. For that reason, I’m trying to work my way to 7 a.m., so that I can feel good about taking care of myself, without feeling rushed or guilty.
Infante P.
I must confess that I do them randomly. I do wake up around 7 a.m. but I do most of the habits in the evening🙁, so I don't know it this is the right approch…
Stephanie E.
I’m in bed by 9:30 and up by 5:30am. I try to be done with my personal stuff by 7am so I can help get our girls out the door.
Na L Q.
I. Get up. Everyday at the same time..7:30a
2. Either I’m going to work or going out for the morning, i will follow my plan
Lueli Z.
I set my alarm for 7:00 but usually get up at 7:30.. still working on my snooze-itis. My aim is to wake up at 6:00, drink my glass of water, make a 10 minute sun salutation, prepare breakfast whike I listen to music or news, and be ready around 8 with my morning ritual up to date. Cheers !
Milo Z.
I have adjusted my wake up time as I continue to grow energy by sustaining new healthy habits. I have to be to work by 6AM so right now I’m waking up at 4:45AM; water is always next to the bed, grabbing a quick breakfast, doing a 7minute circuit, and walking to public transit for work complete my morning goals. I keep hard boiled eggs, nuts, and fresh fruit on hand so breakfast is a cinch. In a perfect world I want to wake up closer to 4:30 and eventually 4 to incorporate meditation and a more expansive exercise/stretch routine.
Miguel U.
I never seem to wake up early enough to be done with my morning routine when I feel I should. I’m trying to focus on sleep. But I always finish my routine in the morning even though I feel I’m behind because it makes the day that much more productive in the long run.
Vani F.
I wake up at 5 am to handle the start of my day because the first two hours or so are my most productive. Actually they are the most productive hours of most anybody so it gives me ample time to use it doing what I want instead of wasting them on work. I used to get away with getting up at 6 am but 5 works better though it's up to you. Just remember the saying that if you lose hours in the morning then you will spend the rest of the day looking for them.
Ashley W.
But i cant do it every single day, and can never get three in a row. Too many things to do and need to share some things with my wife; taking the dog out, fixing breakfast and help getting the kids (5 & 7) ready for kindergarten & school.
So I have to skip the exercise bit every 2nd or 3rd morning, but walk up 5 storeys to get to the office those days instead.
Good luck!
D Bora A.
7:30 is my average time. Some days I wake up at 6 others at 9. Getting a good nights sleep is so important.
On days I wake up late, I remind myself it’s progress not perfection. On early days I enjoy the slowness that comes from having more time than usual.
Justin P.
Today I got up at 6 am, didn't want to get up, got up on one-two-three-five and ran to the bathroom to take a cold shower. Then I drank water and exercised in a refreshed state instead of a sluggish and phone-craving state. My main focus right now is to change the habit to use the snooze button. It's a very bad idea, as I heard on YouTube. So, the result was, my thinking was clearer today and I got motivated very easily.
S Ren T.
I really really want to get up earlier as I used before, but I am founding difficult going to sleep in a good time, I tend to stay in bed and loose time…!
I want to get up at 7.30, but now is more like 8.30!
Birgitt U.
I wake up around 7am as this gives me time to account for my families needs, my morning excercise, breakfast and to work.
Fernando T.
I wake daily around 6AM! If I do sleep in on a Saturday it is usually until 8:30AM still giving me plenty of time to complete my day.
Victoria F.
I give myself about an hour. I journal in bed before I even get up, then do a low-intensity workout (5 minutes of yoga), I make and eat breakfast (15 minutes), and then get dressed and ready for the day (15-30 minutes, depending on hair & makeup). To do all this I have to shower at night, otherwise I need an extra 10-20 minutes.
Valdemar Z.
I wish I could say I woke up at 7am every day but I’m not there yet. I try to wake up by 8:15. My routine right now only takes about 15-20 minutes so it isn’t too hard to squeeze it in.
Danilo W.
I wake up at seven to do a (quick) work out before work. At this time, I don’t arrive at work rushed and get a chance to enjoy my evening as well.
Bertram Y.
I am retired due to disability, so my day begins at 6:30 when I get my grandchildren ready for school. Once they are on the bus, I start my day.
Ella Y.
45 minutes before I walk out the door. My morning habits arent giant but are enough to jump start my larger daily goals. For example, I drink 18oz of water in the morning, which is a start on my 80oz I aim to drink each day.
Anna W.
About an hour and a half before I go to work. So if I’m getting in at 7, I get up at 5:30. If I need to be at work by 6, I get up at 4:30. My morning routine includes a short exercise, breakfast, reading, and memorizing verses.
Elliot C.
7.30 am. First of all I stretch while still in bed. Then I drink water. I do the Sun Salutation yoga routine. Then I wash and clean myself and get dressed. Then I make tidy my room.
At 8.00 I prepare and eat my breakfast. I quickly put order in the house and at 8.30 I’m ready to go.
Isidoro P.
I haven’t changed the time I get up at all, but I have always been an early riser. I spend less time drinking coffee and checking my phone.
Rute N.
I personally wake up at 9 am. I start of with drinking half a glass of water after which I get up, get dressed and make my bed. After I'm done I drink the rest of the water.
Necati N.
Hi. I think sleep is an individual thing, some are early risers, some not. So, it doesn’t matter if you wake at 6.00am or 8.00am, preparing the night before, so your gear is ready to exercise, water at side of bed, food prepared for the day and clothes all ready for your day is key. Good luck. James
Rene O.
I do my habits right after I wake up and it's always different. It's best to do it as soon as possible and for it not to be too late. I usually do my routines around 9am during the weekends and around 6am during the weekdays before I go to school
Ravi O.
To fit everything in about 6.45. However, I don’t tend to do my exercise in the morning, more in the afternoon or evening as I don’t want to wake up earlier than that.

Some things are automatic, like drinking water and stretching, others I still skip, like making the bed.

Wyatt J.
I wake up around 7:30. I wish that I could wake up earlier, but so am not a morning person. I plan most of my big activities for mid morning and afternoon.