How do you find time in the morning for your exercise?

Dolores Q.
In order to find time to exercise, it's good not to think about the time to set for exercising. Instead, wake up amd start off with a few stretches to get your day started and if you have the option, take the stairs. It's all about finding ways to incorporate exercise into everyday activities that will make it feel less like a chore.
Susan E.
I get up earlier to fit my walk in, or if I sleep in by choice I plan for it before lunch. So I achieve it, and then enjoy the successful feeling when I tick all the boxes, it gives me a sence of accomplishment. And looking after my future self is what drives me, my physical and mental wellbeing. ♡♡♡
Durval S.
I don't… I cycle to work instead ! If it's not an option for you, I'd recommend an app or a few YouTube videos for 7 to 15 minutes yoga routine. You might get a bit late for work the first few days, but you'll manage to wake up early enough pretty quickly.
Aneita Q.
i wake up early in the morning to drink 1 bottle of water and then breakfast, after 30 minutes i start warm up woth 30minutes walking at 1 place then another 30 minutes for another exercises 🏃‍♀️and zumba. 🥰💃
Karla G.
I give only 5 minutes to the exercise. When i wake up do two pose ofyoga then during woready for the morning work i jog instead os walk
Jacob P.
You just need to wake up 30 minutes befor your normal wake up time and have an app for excercises depending on your needs
Aguinaldo Y.
You wake up earlier in the morning, get yourself some cofee and wake up your body. Than just go and exercise untill your exercising time have passed, than get ready to work, school or other activities you have. Remember, your body is importent.
Elouan Q.
I think about it the night before and breakfast going to and getting through the workout and how I will gawk after. If I don't get through this mental step..I usually don't exercise
Elza Q.
I usually bike to work (15-20 minutes). If it's not an option for you, wake up only 10 minutes earlier and do a short routine
Sara U.
I woke up earlier. After drinking a glass of water, I start with a QiGong sequence. I do it mindfully, trying to see how I feel and breathing with the movements.
Tracy N.
Instead of waking up 30 min before work, wake up 1 hour before. Just add the time, and take it out of slee. Sopa you get só tires you go earlier to sleep the Next day
Marius U.
I wake up earlier in the morning or I take a small break in between parts of my morning routine to do a set of an exercise. For example, after brushing my teeth I might drop and do 20 push-ups, then after washing my face I may do 15 crunches. Start small and work your way up. Ideally you’ll have a slot of extra time in the morning just for exercise but I’m not a morning person so it doesn’t always work out that way.
Jimmy U.
I live in the Netherlands and so I go to work and school by bike every day. This makes it a lot easier for me to exercise.
Alberte C.
I tell myself that it will make all of my following tasks go more efficiently, so that it's really a way of streamlining my schedule.

Carl C.
I look at what I am going to be doing the next day and wake up at least 15 minutes earlier so I can use the bathroom and floss.
Dionira W.
the best idea to exercise in the morning for me is to put on some music and dance a little, it's fun, motivation and stress relieving!