How do you manage a thorough workout when you must have other responsibilities to tend to?

Emily Z.
I know it’s sometimes very annoying that you MUST exercise when you have chores, work, and other things to do around the house. But you must remember, even if you have just 5 minutes, that can still count as a workout. I like to do a 5-10 minute workout when I’m short on time. Fabulous also has 7 minute workouts that are perfect for those times where you only have 10 minutes, but still give you a good sweat. If you simply don’t have any time at ALL, try exercising while doing your work. For example, if you are doing a chore, put on some music and start to dance while doing it. If you are working, use a standing desk instead of sitting down all the time. These are simple ways to give you simple and short workouts, perfect when you’re short on time.